Friday, January 4, 2013

Origami Owl

Something else is new in our home! 
I am now a designer for Origami Owl!!

They are called Living Lockets because you can open them and change out your charms at any time!

 I have to admit prior to hosting a party I had never even heard of Origami Owl.  Since I hosted my party I have fallen in love with this product!!

You can make your locket for anything and anyone!!  Mine right now has the infinity symbol, all of our birthstones and a family heart.

Here are just a few examples!  

If you are interested in them check out my website
If you would like to host a party (online or in home) Please let me know!! 
Trust me once you see them you will love them also!!

OH my its 2013!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I cannot believe that it is 2013!! I have not posted in so long!! I am so sorry!!

So here is a super quick recap of life since my last post!

Halloween 2012 was a huge success!! Blase loved it and once Grace found out there is free candy involved she did not mind it at all!

Olivia, Ms. Victoria, and Blase at the school Halloween Parade
Grace as a scarecrow and Blase as Jake

After Halloween passed we moved into November!  Thanksgiving was awesome we did dinner at my moms and played Minute to Win it!  Super fun!!

We then got to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party!!  We went my family, my parents, and my brothers family!  The kids loved hanging out together and Blase has finally reached the 40 inches mark and was able to go on and LOVE Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Stitches Great Escape!
He is quite the little dare-devil!!!

 Hello December!!

On December 7th the whole crew went to Hollywood Studios at Disney to go see the Osborn Lights (so Britt thought!)  Blase got to go onto Tower of Terror and he LOVED it!!

We then headed over to see the lights.  Well, Ricky had something else planned!! I had made the signs and we decided that Blase and Grace would hold them up.  I would take Brittany to the bathroom and then boom!!! Engaged!!!
It worked out amazing and she was shocked!

Brittany and Ricky
Then we got to go visit Santa!  This is last years blog on Santa
I kinda already had an idea of how this was going to go over with Miss Grace.  Let's put it like this Grace does not LIKE people!!
While we were in line mom and Jason just kept saying that she would do great.  (LOL ya right!)
Well take a look at these pictures and let me know how you think she did!!

 Now Blase on the other hand LOVES him some santa!! He was not very happy that Santa was trying to get his sister to warm up to him.  He kept saying excuse me Santa! LOL
I will totally admit as Santa crazy as we are in this house Blase knows the REAL reason of Christmas and freaks out every time he sees a Stable Scene (although he tells me Jesus was born in a farm!)

Yes I bought this last photo in a 5x7!! Hello Blackmail!

So that was the end of 2012 in the Ullrich home! I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years!
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