Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Friday night we had a special treat for all the kids!  My brother Michael and his wife Jessica packed up Kalen and Lucas and headed over to my mom's.  We all got tickets to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!!  We have not done this in a couple years (Blase was only 2 the last time we did this).   We got there nice and early and enjoyed doing some rides and then we watched the fireworks and then headed over to Main Street to get seats for the Halloween Parade!  I was quite impressed with Grace (who normally turns into a pumpkin at 7pm).  She held on till 11pm!!! She did not fall asleep till we got into the car and headed home!  I think my Dad got more pictures of all the kids together but this is all I have on my computer!

 Batman (Kalen) and Jake (Blase)

 Daddy and Blase

 Mommy and her Scarecrow princess!

 Trying to get a family picture!

 Grace got a costume change.  She also got a special bag from Color Me Ducky etsy shop!
She loved this bag so much!!

 Michael and Jessica were dressed up as Superman and Wonder-woman!!  They looked awesome and Jessica made the capes herself!  Mom was dressed as a Mimi and Dad was a Jets player

 Grace and Lucas love each other so much!

Mommy and Blase waiting for the parade.

This and Mickey's Very Merry are probably two of my favorite events that Disney puts on.  I am so happy that Jason was able to come and have some fun with us!  It also warms my heart the way Kalen screams Blase's name!  They are so cute together and we all had some major fun.  Plus we got to leave with bags of candy!! 

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