Monday, September 3, 2012

Guest Blog at Johnny in a Dress

 I am Danielle fromThe Ullrich Family Adventures. I am a stay at home mom of two little ones!  Blase who is 4 and Grace who is 16 months.  

I have one blank wall in the kids toy room that drives me crazy!  I found on pinterest a craft with the kids names and finger paint!  (source)

So I changed it just a little instead of their whole names I just did their first initial.  

Here is what you need:
Painters Tape
Finger paint
(Make sure your finger paint is washable! You will see why)

I got every thing ready before I told the kids what we were doing. Then we headed outside into the grass with our stuff!  The hardest part was making their letters.  I just winged it.  I used some long pieces and then I cut a lot of small pieces to make the letters look right.

Blase with his B

Grace with her G

Blase jumped right in and actually I wish he would have stopped before everything was just a greenish hue.

Grace started off ok.  She only tried to eat the paint once.  But then she discovered how much fun it was to squish it in her hands.

She then decided that it was more fun to paint her shirt and her hair then painting her canvas.

Once they were done painting I took them and left them on the porch to dry before peeling off the tape.

Once they were completely dry I carefully peeled off the tape.
I think that they turned out pretty good.  I think that maybe in the next day of so I will put the year in the bottom corner so we always know when we made them!

Hope you enjoyed this little project and be sure to stop by my blog!


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