Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cruise and T-ball

At the beginning of September we did something that we as a family have not done since our honeymoon!!  We went on a vacation!  (We have traveled since we have had the kids to see family) This was our first family vacation where we did not go to see anyone!  Neither Jason nor I have ever been on a cruise!  So, we booked a 3 day cruise out of Port Canaveral to Nassau.  
It was amazing!!! The kids were awesome!  Blase loved going to the kids club and Grace loved hanging out at the splash pad.  We did not do anything when we got to the Bahamas (mostly because the kids were not really big enough for anything) but we did go to the straw market and just walked around a bit.
The food was awesome! Blase keeps asking Jason when we are going on another cruise!

 Daddy and Blase

 Mommy and Grace


Once we got back to everyday life Blase started T-Ball!!! This is the first year that he is old enough to play a sport!  He is on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish team!  We have had 2 practices and he is doing as good as a 4 year old can!  He does not understand that once he hits the ball he has to run to first.  Instead he chases after the ball. LOL  They have their first game on Monday so I will blog about it!
Here are some pictures from his first practice.

 Swinging and Missing


 Running home

Daddy and Grace coaching 3rd

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  1. Good pictures, love your bathing suit top. That's good you, as a family got to enjoy a family vacation, I bet the kids really enjoyed it. I have yet to do a cruise - so maybe one day.

    Blase is so cute playing T-ball! I'm sure he will have a lot of fun this season.


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