Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have one brother named Michael.  But those who really know me know that Michael and I have always been raised very, very close to our cousins Ricky, Matthew, and James.  We have lived in a duplex at one point then when we moved to Florida they followed shortly after and lived with us until their house was done.  Currently, my mom and aunt live 5 houses down for each other and have for about 15 years.  Since we were always so close I have always considered the three boys my brothers also!  

Since today is the 4th I felt it only right to tell you all about Matthew! Matt has always had a roundabout way of being involved in Jason and I meeting.  It was Matt's going away party on July 9, 2005 that I met Jason. We were having a party for him going to boot camp!  Ever since we were kids Matt always wanted to be a Marine. 

He has made us all so proud of his sacrifice and courage.  He is married to Bridget this is her blog.

 This one was taken in Afghanistan 2010

Being promoted to Sgt 2010

Matt just returned from a deployment on the USS Makin Island LHD 8.  He actually returned on his birthday June 21, 2012!!  


 All the Marines in formation

 Matt and Bridget
Matt reading his sign

Matt in his bunk.  Could you imagine sleeping in that for 9 months?

Another view of the racks

So today while you are drinking beers, eating bbq, and setting off fireworks stop and think about the men and women who protect us so we can have these freedoms!

Matthew we love you and miss you so much!!! We are also SO PROUD of all that you do!!!


  1. This is the most unbelievably sweetest post!!! :)

  2. I forgot to tell you that I showed Matt this post in the morning once he woke up. He really liked it and thought that was nice of you to do.


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