Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mom Challenge Week 9

I was a teacher.  I taught 3rd grade until I had Blase.  The thing that annoyed me the most was parents that made excuses for their children!  You are not doing any good by being that parent.  

I understand when our children as young we sometimes have to make excuses for them. (they say something inappropriate or they just do not understand)  But I also think that there are only so many times that you can make the same excuse for your child.

Now after saying that do I make excuses for my children??  Of course I do in some situations.  Blase is not perfect I know that, but I also know that he will learn by making mistakes and missing out on certain situations.

I have a perfect example of this.  We did vacation bible school this year (our first time).  The teachers were handing out tee shirts from the past year (they only had a couple).  The teachers told the kids that if they do not follow directions they will not get a shirt.  My son did not get a shirt.  Now I had one of two choices.  1. I could pitch a fit and get him a shirt or 2. I could use this as a teaching lesson.  Blase did not get a shirt and he knew (and told me) exactly why he did not get one.  I chose option 2!  He was slightly upset.  I asked him why he did not get a shirt.  His response was that the teacher asked jim to sit down and be quite.  He told me that he sat down but did not stop talking.  So we discussed what he could have done to get the shirt.  Was he upset? Of course!  Did I feel bad for him?  Yes!  But did he learn a lesson?  YES!! You bet your butt the next time he will sit down and be quite!

Do you make excuses for your child?  How do you handle a situation where they miss out on something because of their actions or behavior?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mom Challenge Week 8

This week we are going to focus on finding something that your child is passionate about.  Do they already have a passion?  How do you help support that?

Do they love making things? Coloring?  Maybe introduce them to something new.  Introduce them to watercolors, markers, or finger paints.

What are you passionate about?  Do you take the time to work on your passion?  I know that I love pinterest and have found so many different projects.  This week I am going to make at least 2 of them!! I have been saying for weeks now that I was going to make one thing and yet I never find the time.  It is something that I love to do!  I love to create and sew but I do not always find the time to actually do it!

What is your child passionate about?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chocolate Day Camp!

Today was one of those days when I think to myself that I am super blessed!!
A couple of us girls decided to take a ride out to the Chocolate Factory for their chocolate day camp! I would consider it more of a chocolate day hour.  But regardless!!

For 10 dollars a kid they get to make the following:
Choice of 2 of the following to dip in Chocolate:
Oreo, Gummy Worm, Animal cracker, or a Rice Crispy treat
Then they each got 2 marshmallows on a stick to dip in Chocolate
Finally, they got to make a piece of chocolate pizza (complete with red and white chocolate)

The kids had a BLAST!!  They all loved everything but he best part was making their pizza!!  Blase's piece you could not even see the bottom piece of chocolate he had that much stuff piled on top!!
Blase (not looking to thrilled) and Mommy

Olivia, Bella, and Blase working on their pizza

My little Chocolatier

Blase, Olivia, and Bella

Kristina, Blase, Olivia, and Bella
(She was awesome with the kids)

Mom Challenge Week 7

This week we are going to focus on taking time for you!! ME TIME?!?!

I know if your life is anything like mine this is a strange concept.  My husband works long random hours (11 hour shifts) and his days off are rarely together.  The last thing I want to do to him is leave the kids with him.  My me time is easier once school is back in session.  Little man will start going 3 times a well from 9-12:30 and then I will just have the little miss with me.

I am also lucky to have my parents very close by and I can call them up and get them to watch the kids or at least one of them.

I do get to go out on Mom's night out every once and while.  I am also very lucky that both of my kids go to bed at a very decent hour.  Miss Grace is usually down by 6:30/7:00 each night and Blase is usually in bed by 8, and if Jason is working a night shift I get some really nice alone time.  I love to take that time and read on my kindle, take a bath, or watch some tv.

What do you do to get me time??

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have one brother named Michael.  But those who really know me know that Michael and I have always been raised very, very close to our cousins Ricky, Matthew, and James.  We have lived in a duplex at one point then when we moved to Florida they followed shortly after and lived with us until their house was done.  Currently, my mom and aunt live 5 houses down for each other and have for about 15 years.  Since we were always so close I have always considered the three boys my brothers also!  

Since today is the 4th I felt it only right to tell you all about Matthew! Matt has always had a roundabout way of being involved in Jason and I meeting.  It was Matt's going away party on July 9, 2005 that I met Jason. We were having a party for him going to boot camp!  Ever since we were kids Matt always wanted to be a Marine. 

He has made us all so proud of his sacrifice and courage.  He is married to Bridget this is her blog.

 This one was taken in Afghanistan 2010

Being promoted to Sgt 2010

Matt just returned from a deployment on the USS Makin Island LHD 8.  He actually returned on his birthday June 21, 2012!!  


 All the Marines in formation

 Matt and Bridget
Matt reading his sign

Matt in his bunk.  Could you imagine sleeping in that for 9 months?

Another view of the racks

So today while you are drinking beers, eating bbq, and setting off fireworks stop and think about the men and women who protect us so we can have these freedoms!

Matthew we love you and miss you so much!!! We are also SO PROUD of all that you do!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mom's Challenge Week 6

Let me start by saying sorry!!! Ugh I need to get these written and posted on time!!!

So week 6 is here kinda!  This week is Mom's Mission!

What are your goals and desires for you children?  What do you want them to learn from you?  What do you want to pass onto them?  What kind of person do you want your child to grow up to be?

I can tell you that my goals for my children are for them to know that they can make mistakes and still be loved.  They can be whatever and whoever they want to be.  Jason and I will always be there for them no matter what!  

I want them to learn how to be a good person from me.  I want them to be sharing and caring individuals.  

I want to pass onto them how important family is.

When they grow up I just want them to be happy!

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