Friday, June 1, 2012

Sea World

Last stop on our theme park run was Sea World!  I love Disney don't get me wrong but I LOVE Sea World.   To me Sea World is so much more relaxing.  I think it also helps that we all have Sea World passes so even if we just go and do one thing it doesn't matter!
As soon as we got to the park we headed over to the Shamu show One Ocean.  The kids did pretty good watching it.  

 Grace and her Sea World Bow! 
(I had to buy her one!)


 Nate, Aiden, and Kara waiting for the show

After we finished watching the show we all headed over to Sharks!  I ended up staying out with Grace since she fell asleep but they boys had a great time checking out the sharks!  Once they got out the kids decided that they were hungry so we unpacked our lunch and ate.  Nate, Kara, and I went on the search for food!  Ugh I think that the food line was the longest line we waited in!


Once, everyone was fed we headed over to our favorite show Clyde and Seamore!  It was even funnier than normal because Clyde was having a bad day! LOL but i think that is what makes that show so funny!

 Me and my babies!

 Aiden and Nate

It was starting to get really hot so we headed over to the Wild Arctic!  The boys decided to start holding hands! That always cracks me up when the kids do this!  
 Aiden and Blase

The kids really were getting red in the face and the sun was really getting hot so we headed over to the splash pad and let the kids run free.  I totally thought that Miss Grace was going to have no part of this since lately she has had a major aversion to water but she had a blast!  The boys were having a ton of fun running and crawling around I got some really cute pictures of the kids playing in the water.  Once they were done with that we headed over to the roller coster for the kids.  This is one of Blase's favorites and Aiden liked it well enough!  Then the adults got to play!  We went over to the Kracken and Nate, Kara, and Jason went on that one while I waited with the kids.  Then we went to my favorite!! Manta!! We all got to ride that one. (we took shifts with the kids) 
We ended up staying at the park till it closed! For dinner we hit up the Ale House! Yum!  It was a great visit and we got a lot accomplished!
Since they have been gone Blase keeps asking when Aiden is coming back and hopefully we get them back in Florida soon cause we had a BLAST!!!
 Grace playing the the water

 Blase and Aiden


 Blase shooting the water gun

 Aiden checking out the water

Blase and Daddy on the roller coster

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