Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mom Challenge Week 5

Wow Week 5 already!!! Sorry this is late it has been a crazy week!!

So last week we tried to be positive. Which is not always easy!!! Sometimes you just feel like the deck is stacked against you!  Trust me I know if it wasn't for bad luck in our house lately we would have no luck at all!! (Hubby bent his rim on his car, then we needed a new tire, battery died in the car, I put a ding in my car, the washer broke, and my iphone had a run in with my 15 month old and coffee!!) Hopefully, the tide is ready to turn for us!

So week 5 is Celebrate the simple things!

Who doesn't want a reason to celebrate?!  You can go as big or as little with this as you would like here are some ideas i found:

Learning to tie their own shoes- Get a fun pair of shoelaces
Putting away their toys- rent a redbox movie
Spot your child reading- pick up some new books
Going potty- have an ice pop

Maybe just have a little celebration just because!  

I know that we will be celebrating two different things! 1. We are still working on being completely potty trained!  I think I see the light at the end of the long, long tunnel!!  2. We are starting swim lessons again this year! I have signed Blase up with 2 of his friends and hoping that he will not yell and scream like he did last year!

What are you going to Celebrate???

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