Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mom Challenge Week 4

Wow week 4 already!!! If you need to catch up click here! 
How did you all do last week?  I did not make the chore chart :( I just ran out of time but it is on my list!!  Blase has however started doing more around the house to help out.

This week is Be Positive!!! I am sure that it is easier said than done!  If your house is anything like mine it is summer time.  I am not yet sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing! Since we live in Florida that also means that it is unbearably hot! We normally go to the theme parks with friends but since the rest of the United States is here for summer vacation that means that we will not be at the theme parks till at least September!  The negative of that is now we are stuck home!! (I am so not happy about that!)

So being stuck in the house and being positive could be a little difficult! I have to just remember that they are just kids!  

What do you all do during the summer?  What types of crafts do you all do? How do you stay positive? 

I thought that this poster worked perfect with the theme this week!

Oh and on a side note the blog that i have found this challenge from seems to have stopped at week 8?!?! I know gasp! So can you all help me out? I have contacted the blogger to find out if she continued the challenge or not but if I don't hear from her we need to come up with more challenges!!

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