Friday, June 8, 2012

Mom Challenge week 3

Hello week 3!!

So how did everyone do with week 2 (click here for week 2)??  I think that I did pretty good!  I took the kids outside more and actually did some crafts and such with them.  I took Blase to the cars car show (spur of the moment decision).  I think that they did appreciate me being there a little more and actually slowing down.  Yes, the laundry was still there and everything else that needed to be done but hey they are only little once!

This week is set realistic expectations.  I guess you could work this whatever way you want.  It could be that you need to set realistic expectations for you or for your kids.  I know that sometimes I expect a lot of Blase but I do not think any of it is unrealistic.  I think that this week is going to focus on him. I know that Grace is to little to really expect anything from her but Blase could do a little more.  I think that this week we are going to focus on chores that Blase could do around the house (make his bed, clean up the toy room, sweep the floor) I am thinking that this Chore Chart needs to be made!!

So what are you going to work on??  Is there anything that maybe you set the bar a bit to high for your kids or yourself?


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