Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kids Ruler

Well I love pinterest!  I find a ton of different projects and I have been trying to make them a reality! 
I love the idea of having a ruler that has the kids heights that can move with us.  I remember as a kid my dad use to do this with my brother and I but when we moved it had to stay in the house.  Then I saw this!! How awesome would it be to be able to measure the kids and move it with us!

This project was so simple.  The hardest part for me was the math and figuring out where to make the marks.  I used a plain piece of plywood.  I got a 8x6 piece (i wanted it to be a little thinner so it would fit in my kitchen).

The first thing I did was stain the wood and let it dry for 24 hours.  I did not want it to be to distressed or dark so I only lightly stained it.  After the stain was dry i used a pencil to make where the hashmarks were going to be.  I made sure to add 6 inches to the bottom so i could account for the molding at the bottom of the wall.  So my ruler is 6 and a half feet tall.  After i went through and pencil marked all my things I decided to use a sharpie instead of paint (that was honestly just because I didn't have black paint).  After the lines were done I printed out the numbers and letters.  I wanted it to be more whimsical than a regular ruler.  Once everything was printed I traced the information onto the ruler and then filled it in with the sharpie!

I got two eye hoops to hang it on my wall.  Now that it is complete the next time we go to the doctor for the kids I am going to get Blase's height from 1-3 so I can fill it in!

 Close up of the middle of the ruler

Please don't mind the bathroom door being open! 

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