Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doctor Visits

Back in March I took Grace to the dr for her 1 year appointment and I had this FANTASTIC idea that when she comes back for her 15 month appointment in June that I will bring Blase with me so we can do his 4 year old appointment. (Just a month late)  Sounds good right!? 2 kids one trip not having to go there and back twice in two months.  Our doctor is about 35 minutes away.  She is totally worth the drive but hey if I can do them both at the same time why not?!

Saturday night before the doctor appointments Jason and I were discussing the Hepatitis B shots.  We never started that in the hospital with either kid and we were not opposed to it we just felt it was not really necessary till they start school (they have to have it to start kinder).  So, we were discussing if we should just start it now since I was going and why not.  Now mind you I had no idea what we were in for on Monday.  So we decided that yes we were going to start Blase with his hep B shots but we were going to hold off on Grace cause why have two cranky children with shots.

Well, Monday came and I loaded up the car and headed to the doctors thinking we were just getting one shot.  After a small wait in the waiting room which neither child minded cause she has some awesome toys we head back!  Blase goes first.  Dr. Neilson comes in and starts talking to Blase.  He is thrilled cause he just loves him some Dr. Neilson! Then, Miss Grace gets checked out.  All is good with both of them!  She says that they are perfect.  I then mention to her that we want to start Blase with he Hep B shots and ask if I should start Grace also.  This is where she drops the bomb on me! LOL She says that yes we could start them both there are no reactions to this shot that it just hurts and I have to bring them back for the second one so why not just do them both. Okay ready for this....She says at this point Blase is getting 4 shots and Grace is getting 3 so whats one more.
lol OMG?!?!? What?!?!? Ok I was so unprepared for this!!!  Now let me just say we are not against shots at all!!!  But normally I know they are coming!  Now in my mind I am thinking you idiot you are going to have 2 kids with shots in the same day?!!!??!?!  Guess it was not such a good idea to do both appointments at the same time!! LOL  So in comes the nurse! The poor nurse always gets the crummy job!  Dr. Neilson sneaks out and in comes the bad guy.  Now we have to pick who goes first.  Well, Blase is not having it!  He looks at me like I am crazy asking him to go first.  So up goes Grace.  She did really good screamed for a minute and then was over it!  Now it is Blase's turn.  He just saw what happened to Grace and he is going to me "You know Mommy I think I am good.  Lets go!"  LOL Good try buddy!  Onto the table he goes, he screamed but dealt with it.  Then out we go!  Well the girls at the desk LOVE Blase!  (How could you not?)  They start loving on him and now he is milking it for all it is worth!  He walked out with an ice pop, two lollypops, and 4 stickers!

They both did great slight fever for both of them for about a day but its done and over with!  I guess it was not such a bad idea!

Now here are their stats:


  • 20.8 pounds
  • 29 1/2  inches
  • 15th percentile for weight
  • 25th percentile for height
  • Says just a few words (Mama and Dad) But she can sign all done and she waves and claps.
  • Walking, climbing, and dancing
  • Clothes 12-18 month clothes but she has a tiny foot right now she is still waring a size 2 
  • LOVES: playing with Blase, she likes to play with the dinosaurs and cars, Her favorite toy is a Fisher-price push lawnmower that makes noise
  • EATS: Just about anything.  She is weird with textures but likes fruit, cheese, meats, oatmeal, and of course desserts of any type! (They both got my sweet tooth!)

  • 31.4 pounds
  • 38 1/2 inches
  • 25th percentile for weight
  • 25th percentile for height
  • Clothes are anywhere between a 3t (shorts) and a 4t in shirts, size 10 shoes
  • LOVES: Legos, pool, swings, watching tv, just about anything.  He just started riding his bike
  • EATS: Just about anything.  He is willing to at least try things.  But he knows what he doesn't like and will tell you

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