Sunday, June 3, 2012


So today was a very random impromptu trip to Downtown Disney!  Last night on facebook one of my friends posted that it was Cars weekend.  This morning I texted my dad and asked if it was something worth going to.  Of course his response was yes but that it was going to be crowded and if I had to go alone skip it.  Well.....I have not seen Kristi in a while so I made a phone call (woke her up) and convinced her she wanted to take a ride with us. (It really did not take much convincing at all!)  So, I packed up the kids and headed to pick up Kristi and then on to the Car show!  We ended up waiting in about an hour line (so worth it!)  

Blase got to take his picture with Mater, Finn, and Lightning!  It was a fun little trip.  Then we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and with two sleeping kids I dropped Kristi off at home!

Here are some pictures!

 Blase and Aunt Kristi

 Danielle and Kristi 
There are seriously only like 5 pictures of us together!

 Grace and Aunt Kristi

 Mommy, Grace, Blase, and Mater

 Mommy, Grace, Blase, and Finn

All of us and Lightning

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  1. aww sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you were able to bring the kids. I am sure Blase loved that. I would have loved to go with you if I were around.


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