Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mom Challenge Week 5

Wow Week 5 already!!! Sorry this is late it has been a crazy week!!

So last week we tried to be positive. Which is not always easy!!! Sometimes you just feel like the deck is stacked against you!  Trust me I know if it wasn't for bad luck in our house lately we would have no luck at all!! (Hubby bent his rim on his car, then we needed a new tire, battery died in the car, I put a ding in my car, the washer broke, and my iphone had a run in with my 15 month old and coffee!!) Hopefully, the tide is ready to turn for us!

So week 5 is Celebrate the simple things!

Who doesn't want a reason to celebrate?!  You can go as big or as little with this as you would like here are some ideas i found:

Learning to tie their own shoes- Get a fun pair of shoelaces
Putting away their toys- rent a redbox movie
Spot your child reading- pick up some new books
Going potty- have an ice pop

Maybe just have a little celebration just because!  

I know that we will be celebrating two different things! 1. We are still working on being completely potty trained!  I think I see the light at the end of the long, long tunnel!!  2. We are starting swim lessons again this year! I have signed Blase up with 2 of his friends and hoping that he will not yell and scream like he did last year!

What are you going to Celebrate???

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doctor Visits

Back in March I took Grace to the dr for her 1 year appointment and I had this FANTASTIC idea that when she comes back for her 15 month appointment in June that I will bring Blase with me so we can do his 4 year old appointment. (Just a month late)  Sounds good right!? 2 kids one trip not having to go there and back twice in two months.  Our doctor is about 35 minutes away.  She is totally worth the drive but hey if I can do them both at the same time why not?!

Saturday night before the doctor appointments Jason and I were discussing the Hepatitis B shots.  We never started that in the hospital with either kid and we were not opposed to it we just felt it was not really necessary till they start school (they have to have it to start kinder).  So, we were discussing if we should just start it now since I was going and why not.  Now mind you I had no idea what we were in for on Monday.  So we decided that yes we were going to start Blase with his hep B shots but we were going to hold off on Grace cause why have two cranky children with shots.

Well, Monday came and I loaded up the car and headed to the doctors thinking we were just getting one shot.  After a small wait in the waiting room which neither child minded cause she has some awesome toys we head back!  Blase goes first.  Dr. Neilson comes in and starts talking to Blase.  He is thrilled cause he just loves him some Dr. Neilson! Then, Miss Grace gets checked out.  All is good with both of them!  She says that they are perfect.  I then mention to her that we want to start Blase with he Hep B shots and ask if I should start Grace also.  This is where she drops the bomb on me! LOL She says that yes we could start them both there are no reactions to this shot that it just hurts and I have to bring them back for the second one so why not just do them both. Okay ready for this....She says at this point Blase is getting 4 shots and Grace is getting 3 so whats one more.
lol OMG?!?!? What?!?!? Ok I was so unprepared for this!!!  Now let me just say we are not against shots at all!!!  But normally I know they are coming!  Now in my mind I am thinking you idiot you are going to have 2 kids with shots in the same day?!!!??!?!  Guess it was not such a good idea to do both appointments at the same time!! LOL  So in comes the nurse! The poor nurse always gets the crummy job!  Dr. Neilson sneaks out and in comes the bad guy.  Now we have to pick who goes first.  Well, Blase is not having it!  He looks at me like I am crazy asking him to go first.  So up goes Grace.  She did really good screamed for a minute and then was over it!  Now it is Blase's turn.  He just saw what happened to Grace and he is going to me "You know Mommy I think I am good.  Lets go!"  LOL Good try buddy!  Onto the table he goes, he screamed but dealt with it.  Then out we go!  Well the girls at the desk LOVE Blase!  (How could you not?)  They start loving on him and now he is milking it for all it is worth!  He walked out with an ice pop, two lollypops, and 4 stickers!

They both did great slight fever for both of them for about a day but its done and over with!  I guess it was not such a bad idea!

Now here are their stats:


  • 20.8 pounds
  • 29 1/2  inches
  • 15th percentile for weight
  • 25th percentile for height
  • Says just a few words (Mama and Dad) But she can sign all done and she waves and claps.
  • Walking, climbing, and dancing
  • Clothes 12-18 month clothes but she has a tiny foot right now she is still waring a size 2 
  • LOVES: playing with Blase, she likes to play with the dinosaurs and cars, Her favorite toy is a Fisher-price push lawnmower that makes noise
  • EATS: Just about anything.  She is weird with textures but likes fruit, cheese, meats, oatmeal, and of course desserts of any type! (They both got my sweet tooth!)

  • 31.4 pounds
  • 38 1/2 inches
  • 25th percentile for weight
  • 25th percentile for height
  • Clothes are anywhere between a 3t (shorts) and a 4t in shirts, size 10 shoes
  • LOVES: Legos, pool, swings, watching tv, just about anything.  He just started riding his bike
  • EATS: Just about anything.  He is willing to at least try things.  But he knows what he doesn't like and will tell you

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Craft!

So I would have loved to have posted this prior to Father's Day....But since this was my husbands gift I had to wait until we gave it to him!

As you guessed I got this idea from pinterest (shocking i know!)  Follow this link to the original directions.  I invited all my friends and their kiddos over to make this project!  LOL It ended up being a tad bit more difficult then I had expected.  Each mom came over with their child's footprint on a piece of paper!  This was going to save us a ton of time so I thought.  Yet when we opened the Shrinky Dink paper we discovered that it was not clear it was white and most of us could not see through the paper to copy the footprint.

You can use paint on the shrinky dink paper which we later discovered!  I finished mine off by just coating it with some clear nail polish to seal it up.

These are how mine ended up.  I was very happy with the way that they turned out.  I ended up having a few scraps of paper left so I wrote the poem and shrunk it and added it to the key ring.  Jason was very happy with his gift!!

So how to do this!
1. Get some shrinky dink paper (we found our at Michaels) but you can also order it off of amazon
2. Preheat your oven to 325
3. Put your foot print on the paper (paint, markers, coloring pencils, sharpies)
3. Cut your foot print out and use a hole punch to punch out the hole.  Remember this will shrink also so I did two holes on top of each other
4. Put in the oven ** This is where we discovered something.  They will turn in on themselves do not panic (like I did!!) they will eventually go flat again!  I think they were in the over for a total of 5 minutes.
5. Remove and cool then use clear nail polish to seal (if you used paint)
6. Enjoy!!

Happy Father's Day!!

I am blessed to have some AMAZING men in my life!!!

Happy Father's Day to my hubby Jason!  He works so hard to give us everything we need and want.  Then on his days off we drag him out and make him do things!! 

Becoming a daddy May 18, 2008

 Becoming a Daddy again! March 13, 2011

 Grace, Blase, and Daddy at Sea World

At the beach

I have also been blessed with the most amazing father! He is also a fantastic grandfather (Bobo). There is no one in the world (even me) that my son loves more than his Bobo!!!

My wedding June 10, 2006

Daddy and Me at the Springsteen concert!

Bobo and his bff Blase

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mom Challenge Week 4

Wow week 4 already!!! If you need to catch up click here! 
How did you all do last week?  I did not make the chore chart :( I just ran out of time but it is on my list!!  Blase has however started doing more around the house to help out.

This week is Be Positive!!! I am sure that it is easier said than done!  If your house is anything like mine it is summer time.  I am not yet sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing! Since we live in Florida that also means that it is unbearably hot! We normally go to the theme parks with friends but since the rest of the United States is here for summer vacation that means that we will not be at the theme parks till at least September!  The negative of that is now we are stuck home!! (I am so not happy about that!)

So being stuck in the house and being positive could be a little difficult! I have to just remember that they are just kids!  

What do you all do during the summer?  What types of crafts do you all do? How do you stay positive? 

I thought that this poster worked perfect with the theme this week!

Oh and on a side note the blog that i have found this challenge from seems to have stopped at week 8?!?! I know gasp! So can you all help me out? I have contacted the blogger to find out if she continued the challenge or not but if I don't hear from her we need to come up with more challenges!!

Kids Ruler

Well I love pinterest!  I find a ton of different projects and I have been trying to make them a reality! 
I love the idea of having a ruler that has the kids heights that can move with us.  I remember as a kid my dad use to do this with my brother and I but when we moved it had to stay in the house.  Then I saw this!! How awesome would it be to be able to measure the kids and move it with us!

This project was so simple.  The hardest part for me was the math and figuring out where to make the marks.  I used a plain piece of plywood.  I got a 8x6 piece (i wanted it to be a little thinner so it would fit in my kitchen).

The first thing I did was stain the wood and let it dry for 24 hours.  I did not want it to be to distressed or dark so I only lightly stained it.  After the stain was dry i used a pencil to make where the hashmarks were going to be.  I made sure to add 6 inches to the bottom so i could account for the molding at the bottom of the wall.  So my ruler is 6 and a half feet tall.  After i went through and pencil marked all my things I decided to use a sharpie instead of paint (that was honestly just because I didn't have black paint).  After the lines were done I printed out the numbers and letters.  I wanted it to be more whimsical than a regular ruler.  Once everything was printed I traced the information onto the ruler and then filled it in with the sharpie!

I got two eye hoops to hang it on my wall.  Now that it is complete the next time we go to the doctor for the kids I am going to get Blase's height from 1-3 so I can fill it in!

 Close up of the middle of the ruler

Please don't mind the bathroom door being open! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mom Challenge week 3

Hello week 3!!

So how did everyone do with week 2 (click here for week 2)??  I think that I did pretty good!  I took the kids outside more and actually did some crafts and such with them.  I took Blase to the cars car show (spur of the moment decision).  I think that they did appreciate me being there a little more and actually slowing down.  Yes, the laundry was still there and everything else that needed to be done but hey they are only little once!

This week is set realistic expectations.  I guess you could work this whatever way you want.  It could be that you need to set realistic expectations for you or for your kids.  I know that sometimes I expect a lot of Blase but I do not think any of it is unrealistic.  I think that this week is going to focus on him. I know that Grace is to little to really expect anything from her but Blase could do a little more.  I think that this week we are going to focus on chores that Blase could do around the house (make his bed, clean up the toy room, sweep the floor) I am thinking that this Chore Chart needs to be made!!

So what are you going to work on??  Is there anything that maybe you set the bar a bit to high for your kids or yourself?

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So today was a very random impromptu trip to Downtown Disney!  Last night on facebook one of my friends posted that it was Cars weekend.  This morning I texted my dad and asked if it was something worth going to.  Of course his response was yes but that it was going to be crowded and if I had to go alone skip it.  Well.....I have not seen Kristi in a while so I made a phone call (woke her up) and convinced her she wanted to take a ride with us. (It really did not take much convincing at all!)  So, I packed up the kids and headed to pick up Kristi and then on to the Car show!  We ended up waiting in about an hour line (so worth it!)  

Blase got to take his picture with Mater, Finn, and Lightning!  It was a fun little trip.  Then we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and with two sleeping kids I dropped Kristi off at home!

Here are some pictures!

 Blase and Aunt Kristi

 Danielle and Kristi 
There are seriously only like 5 pictures of us together!

 Grace and Aunt Kristi

 Mommy, Grace, Blase, and Mater

 Mommy, Grace, Blase, and Finn

All of us and Lightning

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sea World

Last stop on our theme park run was Sea World!  I love Disney don't get me wrong but I LOVE Sea World.   To me Sea World is so much more relaxing.  I think it also helps that we all have Sea World passes so even if we just go and do one thing it doesn't matter!
As soon as we got to the park we headed over to the Shamu show One Ocean.  The kids did pretty good watching it.  

 Grace and her Sea World Bow! 
(I had to buy her one!)


 Nate, Aiden, and Kara waiting for the show

After we finished watching the show we all headed over to Sharks!  I ended up staying out with Grace since she fell asleep but they boys had a great time checking out the sharks!  Once they got out the kids decided that they were hungry so we unpacked our lunch and ate.  Nate, Kara, and I went on the search for food!  Ugh I think that the food line was the longest line we waited in!


Once, everyone was fed we headed over to our favorite show Clyde and Seamore!  It was even funnier than normal because Clyde was having a bad day! LOL but i think that is what makes that show so funny!

 Me and my babies!

 Aiden and Nate

It was starting to get really hot so we headed over to the Wild Arctic!  The boys decided to start holding hands! That always cracks me up when the kids do this!  
 Aiden and Blase

The kids really were getting red in the face and the sun was really getting hot so we headed over to the splash pad and let the kids run free.  I totally thought that Miss Grace was going to have no part of this since lately she has had a major aversion to water but she had a blast!  The boys were having a ton of fun running and crawling around I got some really cute pictures of the kids playing in the water.  Once they were done with that we headed over to the roller coster for the kids.  This is one of Blase's favorites and Aiden liked it well enough!  Then the adults got to play!  We went over to the Kracken and Nate, Kara, and Jason went on that one while I waited with the kids.  Then we went to my favorite!! Manta!! We all got to ride that one. (we took shifts with the kids) 
We ended up staying at the park till it closed! For dinner we hit up the Ale House! Yum!  It was a great visit and we got a lot accomplished!
Since they have been gone Blase keeps asking when Aiden is coming back and hopefully we get them back in Florida soon cause we had a BLAST!!!
 Grace playing the the water

 Blase and Aiden


 Blase shooting the water gun

 Aiden checking out the water

Blase and Daddy on the roller coster

Lucas's Birthday and Downtown Disney

So I am going to apologize ahead of time.  That there are not that many pictures of Aiden! But he was there! 
Saturday, we all got up in the morning and headed out to Michael and Jessica's for Lucas's First Birthday Party!!!  I have to tell you all that it warms my  heart that when we get there Kalen comes running and screaming Blase's name!!  They are so funny together!  The party was a lot of fun and the kids all had a great time playing with the toys.  Grace was not that trilled with the whole party idea.  She is not thrilled about people but eventually (as the party was ending) she started playing and having a good time.

 Blase and Kalen playing with trains

 Cake time!

 Grace playing (finally not crying!)

 The Birthday Boy!

 Grace and Lucas 10 weeks apart

 Poor Aunt Jessica!

Sunday morning well at got up and headed to the early service at church so we could have the rest of the day.  Also, we wanted Grace to nap.  Once all the kids had their naps we loaded up the car and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for some dinner!  Then we all headed over to Downtown Disney to get Aiden a Mr. Potato Head filled with Disney themed pieces.  We also had to make a stop at Ghirardelli's for ice cream! My favorite!!  Once we were stuffed on ice cream we headed over Basin for some bath stuff!  Grace discovered a splash pad and was so excited to see the water jumping.  She was yelling and pointing and clapping! It was super cute!  Blase also took a ride on the Merry-Go-Round.  Poor Aiden is not a fan of the merry-go-round so he did not partake in that!  We had a really good time!

 Jason and Nate 

 My Blue Eyed Girl!

 Blase on the Merry-Go-Round

 Pointing at the water

Kara, Danielle, and Grace
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