Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Mom Challenge

I was on pinterest (shocking i know) and i found this really awesome pin!  It was a Mom Challenge! Well i guess being a mom in general is a challenge but we can always use a little help and some ideas. Well this is one of those things that you find and makes you think!   The mom challenge is put on by the blog Live a Fabuless Life.  I think it will be a fun good challenge to do with my kids this year! I am going to do this every week starting Tomorrow!!!  If you would like to join me i would love for you to follow my blog and keep me updated!

Here is week 1!!
So for next week your challenge is to eat with your kids with No phones or Tv!!!
Now this might not be possible every night but try to eat dinner together at least 3 nights next week!  I will be blogging about our dinner next Thursday!


  1. I like that idea! I'll follow, but can't participate.. still kidless haha

  2. Yeah! I already do this so it's an easy one to start with! :) Yeah!!!

    1. :) its always nice to start with something you already do!!

  3. I'm in!!! This is just what I needed!!!


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