Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Disney World!

Sometimes I honestly have to pinch myself!  We are so lucky to live in central florida and have all the theme parks right here!  We are super lucky that my dad works at Disney and can get us in!!  :) 
Jason's brother Nate, his wife Kara, and their son Aiden are in the states for a couple months.  They are currently living in Thailand!  So their last trip to the states Florida was not on the agenda but this year since Aiden is bigger and can actually enjoy the attractions we made the list!! We were super happy and made sure to make it worth their wild so they will have to come again!!! (sneaky i know!)  They were here for a full week and we shoved central florida down their throats!  I am going to break this into two different blogs.

My dad was off on Friday, and he was already going to the Disney area with my Mom so he had no problem getting everyone into the park!  I had to stay home with Grace for two reasons: 1. We did not have enough tickets and 2. She would just slow them down!

They left the house bright and early and headed out to conquer disney!  They started at Epcot cause it is the most convent park to get into but headed right over to the Magic Kingdom where Blase showed them everything he loves!!
 Aiden, Nate, and Kara in front of Walt's Statue

 Aiden and Nate in line for the rockets!

 Blase loves the rockets!

 Aiden was not so sure!


 Aunt Kara enjoying Aiden horse
(He would not get on it)

 Blase and Aiden

 Peter Pan

 Blase, Aiden, and Nate on the train

 Jason was there also!

 Aiden and Blase waiting for the Great Goofini

 Aiden and Nate

 Minnie, Kara, Aiden, Nate, and Mickey 

Blase and his pals!!

They made sure to hit all the high notes on the park and then they headed back to Epcot.  They got fish and chips in England (my favorite!) and then got a great spot of the fireworks!  When the car finally got home around 10:30 or so there were 3 really worn out adults and 2 passed out children!
I am so happy that we were able to take Aiden to Disney for the first time!

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