Friday, April 13, 2012

Beck Brothers Blueberry Farm

We had an awesome play date on Wednesday! I met Lauren at Blase's school.  Her son Wyatt is in Blase's class and we hit it off!  One day she was saying that she wanted to invite everyone over to her in-laws blueberry farm!  The name of the farm is Beck Brothers Blueberry Farm.  Wednesday morning we all loaded up the car and headed up to the farm!  We were welcomed by Lauren's in-laws! They were such welcoming and loving people!  Before we headed out to where we were going to have our lunch and pick we loaded into this poor woman's house and let the kids all go potty!  LOL! After all the kiddos and Mommy's went potty we loaded onto the hayride and headed out!
 All the kiddos ready to go!

When we got out to our spot we found that they had set up a wonderful picnic area for us!  Talk about a welcoming! So we got our buckets and explained to the kids to only pick the blue berries and then we let them loose!
 Our spot under the trees

 Olivia and Blase getting ready to pick blueberries

 Each kiddo got their own bucket 

 Blase checking out the blueberries.
I think he ate as many as he picked!

 They are so sweet and delicious!

 Kendall and Blase picking 

Blase playing on the tractor

Heather, Cindy, Kathryn, Me, Lauren, Vanessa, and Tina
Such a wonderful group of women!

I personally have never been blueberry picking but we have decided that this will be an annual trip!  I would recommend the Beck Brothers Farm to everyone! It was so peaceful and nice to just be out in the sunshine picking berries!  I have never seen such plump sweet and juicy berries before!  They taste so much better than any of the ones we have ever gotten in the store.  But i think what made the day even better was being surrounded by such wonderful women and such a welcoming family!  They made us feel like we were part of their family as well!  Please let me know if you want more information about the farm.  I did link their facebook page to this blog.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Blase's Easter Lunch

Yesterday, was Blase's pre-school Easter show.  They sang some songs and then we had lunch with Mimi and Bobo.  This year he actually sang some of the songs.  Usually, he just stands there or like last time he played with a twig that he found!  Of course I had to make them matching outfits to fit the occasion!  It was really cute and it is amazing how fast they grow!  Here are some pictures from the event!

Blase and Grace 2012
Grace showing off her dress


Bobo and Blase

Blase and Miss Irene

Blase's Placemat

Blase and Olivia being Blase and Olivia!

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