Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Bunny!

It is that time of year again! I am totally OCD when it comes to the Easter bunny and Santa. We always go and see the same Bunny (Mall at Millenia) and we always go see Santa at Downtown Disney.  I do this well mostly cause those are the ones that i LOVE and then I also made a little scrapbook for just Santa, Easter Bunny, and our christmas card for the year.  Then that way there are all in one spot.  Last Year this is what happened at the Easter Bunny.  
I thought for sure that Grace was not quite old enough to be scared of the Easter Bunny.  I mean really what is there to be scared of? It is just a 6 foot bunny with ears bigger than her whole body! LOL  
Well Miss Grace sat on his lap and let out a scream of pure terror!! LOL The guy was like what should we do?! Really?!?! Move her to the side and take the picture!! So I moved her next to Blase (who was thrilled that he got to hold an egg and Grace didn't).  She was fine as long as she did not remember the bunny was there.  Well that stupid bunny kept moving his hand!?!?! Really bunny?!?!  Every time he moved his had she looked over and remember that the girnorous bunny was sitting there!  Luckily, we got a picture that was not horrible!  She is not smiling but she is not screaming!  
Hopefully next year will be better for poor Grace!

Grace, Blase, and Easter Bunny

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  1. We are going in a few days!! Hopefully we don't have any scream fests!!


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