Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Party part 2

Sorry it has taken me so long to add this post! Ugh I have no idea where all my time goes!
So, I LOVE planning parties! Even though i become evil the day of the party trying to get everything done! Poor Jason has learned to just go hide till I am done getting everything ready. Honestly, I try to set up appointments for him so he can escape from the house and get away from me! Party day he had to go to publix to get the cake and last minute foods then out to party city to pick up balloons! I am sure that he was very grateful for that!

I of course made Grace's dress and my friend Vanessa made her a birthday bow!! I know she is such a princess! Now I have always gotten Blase an embroidered shirt for his birthdays to follow along with his theme and I have all of them saved upstairs for a quilt someday! So, Miss Grace could not be left out just cause mommy made her dress. I found a great lady/shop on Etsy and she made the cupcake with Grace's name for her dress! I loved the way it came out and she looked so stinking cute! We will be going to picture people in the next week or so for her 1 year shots!
Grace with Bobo telling everyone that she is 1!

Last month we went to one of my friends daughter's birthday parties and she had a face painter! I was so excited because I had not thought of that! For Blase's birthday parties i usually get a bounce house but for a 1 year old (jason) said that it was not appropriate! lol (if it was up to me we would have had both but I pick my battles!) Well, I found a face painter that would come to STC without charging me an arm and a leg. She was great! They kids loved it plus it gave them something to do! So they played on the swings and got their face's painted!

The kiddos playing on the swings!

Grace got her face painted too!

Pirate Blase!

Grace got a TON of presents from everyone! Blase was not to happy that there were not that many toys but Mommy was so happy with all the clothes! Trust me its like ToysRus in this house! She got a few girly toys but a lot of clothes to help her wardrobe! She also got this awesome bow holder! (I have already filled it up and Brittany has to make me another one!) She was not that into opening the presents but she loved the tissue paper. So that made for lots of fun!
Opening Present!
I personally have decided that Publix should have a frequent buyers club for their cakes! We LOVE publix cake and have had one at every event! (our wedding, birthdays, baptisms, ect) I went very simple with the cake this year! I actually brought in her dress and showed them what it looked like and i wanted the cake to match! I think they did a pretty good job! I would have liked a little more bling or something to it but whatever it still tasted awesome!

Grace also enjoyed her cake! I stripped her down cause there was no way that she was going to ruin my dress with frosting! So my little naked baby went to town on her cake! She loved it, ate some of it, but mostly squished it in her hands! I am still washing cake off that girl!

I still cannot believe that time has flown so fast this year! But we are so lucky and blessed to have such awesome family and friends in our lives!

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  1. She is such a cutie and the party looked like so much fun! She is totally your mini-me!!


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