Friday, February 17, 2012

The BIG 30!!!

Now that I have left my 20's and have entered my 30's I thought it was only right to take a look back at my 20's.
Now that I have started thinking about it I met Jason when i was only 23.
I went to The University of Tampa and graduated in May of 2005 with my bachelors in Elementary Education. Once I graduated I got a job at DeSoto Elementy teaching 3rd grade. On July 9th I went home for my cousins going away party. He was joining the Marines and we were having a party for him and unknown to me my mom and aunt had invited Jason. He had just started working at the Ihop and was actually living in Lakeland (not to far from me in Tampa!)

This picture was taken at The Keg in Denver when i went to meet the parents
October 2005

In November of 2005 Jason proposed. We both knew that it would not be a very long engagement. On June 10, 2006 at the age of 24 I married my best friend. We had a great party er i mean wedding! lol
Jason and I on our wedding day
June 10, 2006

I welcomed 2007 in with two big adventures! In January my brother Michael and I ran our first 5k. Then right before my 25th birthday Jason and I closed on our house. Also, in 2007 in August we found out that we would be expecting a baby. We chose not to find out what we were having! Jason said that it was the only surprise I could not ruin!
Michael and I at our 5k
January 7, 2007

I welcomed 2008 and turned 26 I had a great birthday dinner at olive garden with family and friends (and got to meet Alexis's new boyfriend and eventual husband Vinn). Then one of the best things happened on May 18th we welcomed Blase Carl into the world!
Blase and Mommy
May 18, 2008

We lived life and welcomed 27 and 28 without to many life changing events! Then in July of 2010 I found out (although i totally knew) that we were pregnant. In October we found out that it was a little girl! 2011 I said hello to 29 and then in March said hello to Grace Alexis!
Mommy and Grace
March 13, 2011

And now here we are at 2012 welcoming in 30! I have to admit it was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be! I had a wonderful dinner with the people that matter the most to me! Jason, the kids, and my parents. The only thing that would have made it even better was if my brother and his family were able to come!
Looking back over the last 7 years I have to admit that I am extremely blessed. I thank God each night for all the blessings i have. So what I am getting older! (Still no grey hairs!) I am getting older with my best friend and our two loving kids! Guess you cannot ask for more than that!

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