Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 months

I am a little late with this but on January 13th Miss Grace turned 10 months old! I am not really sure how this happened but sure enough it did! She will be turning a year in 2 months! :(
She is getting more and more confident with pulling up on things but she has a tendency to get stuck! LOL Thank goodness we have Big Brother Blase to help. He loves helping her get down. Although he is not always as gentile as one would hope but for a 3 1/2 year old he does good! She just started letting go of things. But she is still not cruising which is different from Blase he was a cruiser from the get go but slow to walk.. She has not gotten brave enough to try to walk but she has tried to let go!
She has also gotten 3 more teeth! She got her eye tooth on the left and her two front teeth! We also think that she is teething again because she has been very cranky the last couple days. She is also getting more adventurous with food! She just like her brother LOVES eggs! We use anywhere between 3-5 eggs (depending if I have eggs) a day!! Jason keeps saying we need to buy chickens! LOL its not a bad idea considering the amount of eggs we go through! She is at least willing to try something although she does not always like it!

Smiles from Grace

Blase had to get in on a picture!

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  1. Love that first picture of her. Can't believe she is 10 months


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