Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So this is kinda sad to say but I have lived in St. Cloud since I was 12! We moved to Dr. Phillips when I was 11 and then moved to St. Cloud when our house was done when I was 12 and I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO GATORLAND!! Actually, I have to admit I have never had any desire to go to Gatorland. I mean please it's Gators! Well Blase loves this kind of stuff. When Jason and I went to the last chamber event there was a basket with tickets to local theme park tickets (gatorland, old town, dino world) Since Jason's schedule has been so crazy whenever he is off we try to do something fun as a family. So, on Monday we loaded up the car and headed to Gatorland for a family day of fun! (Of course I forgot my camera at home and did not realize it till we got there!) Blase was in awe from the minute we walked in! We did all the shows and when we went to the Gator Wrestling Show there is an opportunity for you to sit on a gator! Well he was thrilled and asked if he could please do it! So we willingly obliged! We had a great day and it was hot (upper 80s) so after doing all the fun stuff we headed over to the water area (mommy packed a bathing suit and towel for Blase) for some fun. Well, Miss Grace was not very happy that she was not included so we stripped her down to her diaper and let her go! They both had a great time! Only in Florida would you be able to go play in water in January! I would totally recommend this place it was a lot of fun and very relaxing! They also just put in a zip line that Jason and I are itching to try! (that would be a kids free adventure)
Hoping on the Gator!

So pleased with himself!

Blase and Grace playing in the water! January 23, 2012

10 months

I am a little late with this but on January 13th Miss Grace turned 10 months old! I am not really sure how this happened but sure enough it did! She will be turning a year in 2 months! :(
She is getting more and more confident with pulling up on things but she has a tendency to get stuck! LOL Thank goodness we have Big Brother Blase to help. He loves helping her get down. Although he is not always as gentile as one would hope but for a 3 1/2 year old he does good! She just started letting go of things. But she is still not cruising which is different from Blase he was a cruiser from the get go but slow to walk.. She has not gotten brave enough to try to walk but she has tried to let go!
She has also gotten 3 more teeth! She got her eye tooth on the left and her two front teeth! We also think that she is teething again because she has been very cranky the last couple days. She is also getting more adventurous with food! She just like her brother LOVES eggs! We use anywhere between 3-5 eggs (depending if I have eggs) a day!! Jason keeps saying we need to buy chickens! LOL its not a bad idea considering the amount of eggs we go through! She is at least willing to try something although she does not always like it!

Smiles from Grace

Blase had to get in on a picture!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

This is one of my favorite times of year! I love decorating the house and the tree and finding the perfect gifts! Although, this year Jason kept saying that our tree was a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree since I did not put all the glass ornaments on it. Well duh we have 2 young kids that were infatuated with the tree!
I knew that this year was going to be just as awesome as last year because Blase totally got and understood the whole Santa thing! He loved to watch the movies and loved Skippy our house elf. This year he told Santa that he wanted Rio (also known as the Pelican Movie).
I think I was just as excited as him the night of Christmas Eve. We went to my Grandmothers for Christmas Eve dinner and then opened some gifts then headed home to get ready. He knew that we put the last puff on Santa's beard and we said goodbye to Skippy till next year. Off to bed they went! Jason had to work Christmas Eve night so once they were asleep for a while Mommy got to work and got everything down!
The Tree with all the Presents!

The morning was just as good as I had hoped for! Jason did not have to work till 2pm so he was here for the activities! Blase was shocked when he saw all the gifts! He was a little upset that Skippy was gone but that was short lived as soon as he started tearing into his presents (and Grace's)
Grace opening a gift from Santa

In shock of the Pelican Movie!

Poor Jason had to work Christmas Day and my Mom got sick with the stomach flu so we ended up changing Christmas to my house last minute! I have to admit it did not really feel like we had a Christmas this year. Jason was busy at work, my mom was sick, everyone was tired from working and rushing! Ugh oh well I guess some years that happens. Blase loved that he got another present from Big T and Uncle Rick and then everyone was willing to play with his new game and Grace just loved hanging out with Bobo.

Grace and Bobo on her First Christmas

Since my mom was sick on Christmas her and my Dad came over on that following Thursday for dinner and to give Blase and Grace their presents. It was seriously the never-ending Christmas!
Blase and his presents from Mimi and Bobo

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