Monday, December 19, 2011


This month is just flying by I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here!! We are in full Christmas swing here in the Ullrich house! Last week ( I think) my Mom and I loaded up the car and headed down to Downtown Disney to see Santa! We have seen the same Santa since Blase was born. This year was another wonderful year for Blase and Santa. Those two are like old friends. Now granted it was not always like this! I guess I do not really blame kids! Think about it we tell them all the time not to talk to strangers and then around Christmas time we put them on some old guys lap to tell him what they want?! But this year again (last year also) he went running up to Santa and was telling him all kinds of things! Luckily this year I knew what he was going to ask for no Clifford situation again like last year! So, away he went to Santa and was telling him how he really wants the pelican movie (rio) and then Santa went and asked what his sister wanted?! Really Santa?!? I thought we were on the same page!! I have no idea what is he going to tell Santa what Grace wanted and I did not have said present in my closet!!! Luckily he responded with something that is simple to find. He told him that his sister wanted a silly doll. So Mommy pulled out her trusty Iphone and used that wonderful amazon app to order a doll for Miss Grace! Here are some picture from the past Santa visits and this year! Enjoy!

Blase and Santa 2008
Blase 2009 (He was not happy this year!)
This is when he started to really like him!

Grace and Blase 2011
She was not thrilled!

2011 Grace's first time meeting Santa


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