Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas!! Sorry about the amount of pictures in this blog and how long it is going to be!! We have some very fun traditions in the Ullrich house this time of year! I LOVE Christmas! I love to decorate! I love to get a tree! I just love the whole thing!

Now, this first tradition is a new one! I am addicted to pinterest! If you don't have an invite to it just let me know! I thought I could waste time on facebook. Well that is nothing compared to pinterest! There are so many great ideas on there. This is one that I found and just fell in love with. I just wish I found this back in 2008 when Blase was first born.
It is a family Christmas tree skirt. I decided that I would put Jason and my hands in the middle and put when our family was established. So it says Ullrich est. 2006
Then I added the kids hand prints and put the year 2011. You do this each year and you can watch the kids grow! How awesome is that?! (I got the skirt from Target for 5 bucks! I decided to do pink and blue paint cause that is what i had on hand!)

Another tradition we have in this house is one that my husbands mother started with her kids. Every year she would get them an ornament that represented them at the time. Then when they got married she gave them the box so they would have stuff to put on their tree! I loved it so I started it with Blase and now I am starting it with Grace.

This was for Blase's First Christmas 2008


This one he might end up getting because the one I bought in 2009 was a series! So I cannot not get them! LOL

2010 all he LOVED was Toy Story

Now I decided that this year he is old enough to pick his own so we will be going to the store soon to get his for 2011

Here is Miss Grace's First Christmas 2011

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