Monday, November 28, 2011

Rudolph Shirts

So for Halloween we make Boo shirts. This time of year we make Rudolph shirts! Granted we are doing a play date to make these shirts soon but I wanted to get mine done so I have time to help everyone else! But for those of you that want to make these on your own I thought I would post a quick how to!

Ok so this is super easy! You need 2 different color brown paints, black buttons, and either a red bell or a red pom-pom. Also if you have a girl you could add a bow like I did for Grace.

So choose which color you want for the face. Place your child's foot in the paint and then press their foot onto the shirt. You want the toes to face up towards the neck so the nose is the child's heel. Then you want to do the antlers. Place the child's hands into the other color brown and place on both sides of their foot. (This is easier said than done with the little ones!)
I let my shirts dry for a while before I added the nose, eyes, and bow. I personally, sewed the pieces on but you could totally just super glue or hot glue them onto the shirt.
Then finally, I used puffy paint to add their name and year!

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