Monday, November 28, 2011

Grace is 8 Months and her first Thanksgiving!

So this is super late but Miss Grace turned 8 months old on November 13th! I personally cannot believe that she is already 8 months old! I thought that time went by really fast with Blase but I feel like Grace is just flying through the months! She is now able to sit herself up from a lying position! Yesterday, November 27th she actually made a real attempt at crawling and got a couple good scoots out of it. Part of me is ready for her to crawl but the other part of me is scared for her to crawl because then I will have two mobile children! Plus, if she is crawling that means that all of Blase's toys are fair game! LOL He is not going to do well with that!

Miss Grace Alexis

This month we also had Blase's Thanksgiving Day Feast at school. He looked so cute in the tie that Mommy made for him! I also made Grace a skirt to go with her Thanksgiving onesie. Blase did good during his performance. Granted he did not sing at all but he still looked awesome! My Dad did not have to work till 2 so he was able to join us and Jason was able to talk to his boss about going in late. So Blase was very lucky to have Me, Grace, Bobo, and Daddy at his show! Although, I forgot to take a picture of all of us!
Blase singing

Blase and Grace

Thanksgiving was also this month! Everyone one was OFF!! Which in our family is rare! Jason is still training so he was told that he would not be working. Mom and Aunt Terry were able to trade with people at work so they did not have to work. Dad's normal days off are Thursday and Friday. And Michael and Jessica were able to come for the holiday and they are staying for about 10 days! Lots of quality time to spend with them! Blase is loving all the time he is getting with Kalen!

Blase and Kalen

Grace and Lucas

Turkey Butt!

I hope that your family also had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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