Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy Halloween Activities!

Well we have had a VERY busy week! On Monday Jason started his new job, Tuesday we went to Legoland, Wednesday we had a Halloween party, Thursday Blase had his school fall festival, Friday we went to Sea World to have breakfast with Count Van Count, Saturday we hung out with Jason, and now today we have our church picnic! And then of course tomorrow we are going Trick or Treating!!!

On Wednesday i loaded my car up and headed to the Orlando side of town for a Halloween party with my Moms group! We had a great time and it was great to see the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! Blase is Capt Hook and Grace is Tinkerbell! We had a great time!

Blase as Hook

Mommy and Tinkerbell

Our Gang!

On Thursday, Blase had his fall festival at school. It took a little convincing but he ended up wearing his Hook costume again! Which is great cause I LOVE it!! He had a great time and it was a little rough for Grace. He did much better this year than he did last year. (I think the costumes really freaked him out last year) He loved playing the games and then after that they had pizza in his classroom. Grace and I hung out for the parade and the games but someone was getting really fussy so we headed home after that and then we went back at 12:30 to get him from school and hear about all the fun things he did!

Blase in front of the school sign

Blase and his Pre-K 3 Class

Friday, I was looking really forward to! Last year around Christmas we had lunch with Santa at Sea World and it was AWESOME!! So, when i heard that they had breakfast with the count for Halloween I was thrilled!! Well, it sucked! :( We were so disappointed! There was no show they sang one song that i missed because i was feeding Grace! The characters did come around and do a meet and greet with the kids so the kiddos enjoyed that. But next year i think this will be one that we skip! (But i am so excited for Santa!!) We also dressed them all in their Boo shirts that we made a couple weeks ago!

The kids!

Drake and Blase with Cookie Monster!
(Blase was Thrilled to meet him!!)

Count Van Count, Mommy, Grace, Elmo and Blase

The group

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