Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boo Shirts!

This is my FAVORITE time of year! My moms group and I do some many awesome crafts with the kids and we have so much planned that I just love this time of year. Last year we made boo shirts and we did them again this year only this year in addition to the shirt we made a canvas as well. I loved that idea as soon as I saw it because I thought what a great way to get both of my kids footprints in the same place. I also plan on doing this with them both until they no longer allow it and then i want to make a quilt out of all the holiday shirts!! (I know I'm planning way ahead!)
Tomorrow, we are going to Celebration with the kids and husbands to take pictures of our little "monsters" in their shirts. We also have planned to go to Sea World for their Halloween activities where we will be having breakfast with Count van Count from Sesame Street!! I think that I am more excited than Blase! LOL After, Halloween is over then we will start planning to make our Christmas shirt!! AHH I love this time of year!

Blase (3) and Grace (6 months)

Grace's Shirt 2011

Blase's Shirt 2011

If you want to steal this idea go for it!! All you need is a black or orange shirt, 2 paper plates, white paint, black puffy paint, and then yellow or orange puffy paint.
You want to put the white paint on one of the plates the other plate place inside the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through. Spread the white paint around and then dip your little ones foot in the paint (Do one at a time) use your finger to spread the paint around and get all the little toes! Then press the foot down on the shirt with the heal up towards the neck of the shirt. Then repeat with other foot. Let the white dry just a bit (couple minutes) then you can add the eyes and mouth (bows if you have a girl) and any other decorations you want!
They are so quick and easy.

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