Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Changes!

Where to start!? There have been some BIG changes in the Ullrich household!

Well, first off Miss Grace has turned 7 months old!! Ahh where has the time gone?! I have not yet taken her pictures but i plan on getting that done asap! She is still a super happy baby! We have finally gotten all the belly issues under control and she is now sporting a toothy grin! (granted it is only 2 teeth) She is waking up at night around 4ish for a 6 ounce bottle and then goes back down until 7:30 or 8 in the morning. She is rolling all over the house and gets up on her hands and knees. (Trust me I am not encouraging that at all!) Just the thought of two mobile children scares me. She is starting to eat table food but is really not that interested in it. She still has those big blue eyes and I really think that they are going to stick around! She has also been to her first pumpkin patch.

Grace at Sea World's Spooktacular Event

Grace at the Celebration Pumpkin Patch

Now Mr. Blase's turn. He is doing great in school and learning a ton! He knows what colors make Orange, Purple, and Green. He recently went on a field trip to Green Meadows Farm with his Daddy. They had a great time and apparently he is a natural at catching chickens and milking cows. Although if you ask him what he did to the cow he tells you "I helped it go pee"! LOL
Blase and the Chicken

Blase, a Goose, and Daddy

Now onto Jason and I, normally i just blog about the kids but we also have some big news! Well, Jason's is bigger than mine but either way!
Ok mine first! Jessica and I have started an Etsy shop and Facebook page called Stitching In-Laws. We are selling dresses and hats that we make (i make the dresses she makes that hats). So far we have only had a few orders but it is still in the beginning stage so i guess by christmas we will be pretty busy!
Ok now for the BIG news! Jason is leaving IHOP. Yes, you read that correct! After 7 years and 2 stores we have decided that it is now the right time for him to move on. As you all know he graduated from UF with his bachelors in August and Ihop just does not seem to have the same plan as we do. Don't get me wrong Ihop has been a wonderful company for us both to work for. I plan on staying if the next manager will allow it. It has given me the ability to stay home and raise our children. However, Jason felt that he needed a bigger challenge. So, after a large amount of prayer and a pretty amazing interview (i know I'm biased!) Jason was offered a position with Miller's Ale House. He actually will start on the 24th of this month. He will be training for 8 weeks and then he will be given his "home" until they find a store for him to manage. (We will be in limbo until we know where he is going to end up) Now i know that going from a breakfast place to a dinner place is a huge change especially since he will go from working days to working nights. But we think that this is the best move for our family at this time. Plus, he is working from 5:30am to 4 or 5 pm now and by the time he gets home he is so tired he usually just eats dinner and then falls asleep and in additon to that the kids go down for bed at 7 and 8pm. So he does not really see much of us now! We are hoping that maybe going to nights will actually put him around a little more! So if you would keep us in your prayers we would really appreciate it. Well, I think that is about it! Granted that is a TON of change and information in one post! LOL

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