Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy Halloween Activities!

Well we have had a VERY busy week! On Monday Jason started his new job, Tuesday we went to Legoland, Wednesday we had a Halloween party, Thursday Blase had his school fall festival, Friday we went to Sea World to have breakfast with Count Van Count, Saturday we hung out with Jason, and now today we have our church picnic! And then of course tomorrow we are going Trick or Treating!!!

On Wednesday i loaded my car up and headed to the Orlando side of town for a Halloween party with my Moms group! We had a great time and it was great to see the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! Blase is Capt Hook and Grace is Tinkerbell! We had a great time!

Blase as Hook

Mommy and Tinkerbell

Our Gang!

On Thursday, Blase had his fall festival at school. It took a little convincing but he ended up wearing his Hook costume again! Which is great cause I LOVE it!! He had a great time and it was a little rough for Grace. He did much better this year than he did last year. (I think the costumes really freaked him out last year) He loved playing the games and then after that they had pizza in his classroom. Grace and I hung out for the parade and the games but someone was getting really fussy so we headed home after that and then we went back at 12:30 to get him from school and hear about all the fun things he did!

Blase in front of the school sign

Blase and his Pre-K 3 Class

Friday, I was looking really forward to! Last year around Christmas we had lunch with Santa at Sea World and it was AWESOME!! So, when i heard that they had breakfast with the count for Halloween I was thrilled!! Well, it sucked! :( We were so disappointed! There was no show they sang one song that i missed because i was feeding Grace! The characters did come around and do a meet and greet with the kids so the kiddos enjoyed that. But next year i think this will be one that we skip! (But i am so excited for Santa!!) We also dressed them all in their Boo shirts that we made a couple weeks ago!

The kids!

Drake and Blase with Cookie Monster!
(Blase was Thrilled to meet him!!)

Count Van Count, Mommy, Grace, Elmo and Blase

The group

Saturday, October 29, 2011


So a few months back Legoland Florida was offering free admission to all VIP members to the new legoland park in Winter Haven. So, I waited on the phone for over an hour to get me and Jason signed up so we can get in for free....Fast forward to this week..the free admission was only for this week. We discussed it and decided that we would go on whatever day Jason was off. He ended up being off on Tuesday and Saturday. We thought it would be safer and less crowded to go on a week day so on Tuesday we kept Blase out of school and loaded up the car to head to Legoland!
What an amazing day!! This park is perfect for toddlers. The main group they target is for 3-12 year olds. If I did not have Jason with me we would not have had a great time because there is NOTHING that Grace can do. But, Blase was in heaven! There were only a couple things that he was not tall enough for (he is 37 inches high and a few were for 40 inches). He loved driving the car all by himself but the funny part is that he doesn't really concentrate and drive at the same time so he caused a few crashes! He also ran his car up on the curb. He also liked the boats with Jason. They have a ride that is a lot like the buzz lightyear ride at the Magic Kingdom. The only difference is though that when he hit the targets something actually happens instead of just getting you points. They also had a horse ride that you had to be 4 (hehe) to go on but he loved it!! I have to say that it was a really relaxing park and I loved the fact that they had a couple different playgrounds where the kids could get out and just run and play. The baby center was ok not as nice as the ones at disney but nice none the less! Jason and I really enjoyed the mini town USA the best. We spent over an hour in that section of the park. There was so much to see and so many details! I have to admit the only downside to the park is that it is an hour away. Jason and I were talking about maybe getting a year pass. Which makes more sense anyways because its 75 dollars to get in and 12 dollars to park and the year pass is 129 and that includes parking! Oh and the other thing we learned is to order kids meals! Blase's cheeseburger was 5.99 and it included a drink, fries, and a piece of fruit. Our burgers were 9.49 and they included a drink and fries! Blase's burger was the same size as ours!! Lesson learned! LOL Here are just a few of the many pictures we took!
Blase in the shark!

Blase at Mini Town USA

Blase Driving

Jason and Blase

My Knight!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Changes!

Where to start!? There have been some BIG changes in the Ullrich household!

Well, first off Miss Grace has turned 7 months old!! Ahh where has the time gone?! I have not yet taken her pictures but i plan on getting that done asap! She is still a super happy baby! We have finally gotten all the belly issues under control and she is now sporting a toothy grin! (granted it is only 2 teeth) She is waking up at night around 4ish for a 6 ounce bottle and then goes back down until 7:30 or 8 in the morning. She is rolling all over the house and gets up on her hands and knees. (Trust me I am not encouraging that at all!) Just the thought of two mobile children scares me. She is starting to eat table food but is really not that interested in it. She still has those big blue eyes and I really think that they are going to stick around! She has also been to her first pumpkin patch.

Grace at Sea World's Spooktacular Event

Grace at the Celebration Pumpkin Patch

Now Mr. Blase's turn. He is doing great in school and learning a ton! He knows what colors make Orange, Purple, and Green. He recently went on a field trip to Green Meadows Farm with his Daddy. They had a great time and apparently he is a natural at catching chickens and milking cows. Although if you ask him what he did to the cow he tells you "I helped it go pee"! LOL
Blase and the Chicken

Blase, a Goose, and Daddy

Now onto Jason and I, normally i just blog about the kids but we also have some big news! Well, Jason's is bigger than mine but either way!
Ok mine first! Jessica and I have started an Etsy shop and Facebook page called Stitching In-Laws. We are selling dresses and hats that we make (i make the dresses she makes that hats). So far we have only had a few orders but it is still in the beginning stage so i guess by christmas we will be pretty busy!
Ok now for the BIG news! Jason is leaving IHOP. Yes, you read that correct! After 7 years and 2 stores we have decided that it is now the right time for him to move on. As you all know he graduated from UF with his bachelors in August and Ihop just does not seem to have the same plan as we do. Don't get me wrong Ihop has been a wonderful company for us both to work for. I plan on staying if the next manager will allow it. It has given me the ability to stay home and raise our children. However, Jason felt that he needed a bigger challenge. So, after a large amount of prayer and a pretty amazing interview (i know I'm biased!) Jason was offered a position with Miller's Ale House. He actually will start on the 24th of this month. He will be training for 8 weeks and then he will be given his "home" until they find a store for him to manage. (We will be in limbo until we know where he is going to end up) Now i know that going from a breakfast place to a dinner place is a huge change especially since he will go from working days to working nights. But we think that this is the best move for our family at this time. Plus, he is working from 5:30am to 4 or 5 pm now and by the time he gets home he is so tired he usually just eats dinner and then falls asleep and in additon to that the kids go down for bed at 7 and 8pm. So he does not really see much of us now! We are hoping that maybe going to nights will actually put him around a little more! So if you would keep us in your prayers we would really appreciate it. Well, I think that is about it! Granted that is a TON of change and information in one post! LOL

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boo Shirts!

This is my FAVORITE time of year! My moms group and I do some many awesome crafts with the kids and we have so much planned that I just love this time of year. Last year we made boo shirts and we did them again this year only this year in addition to the shirt we made a canvas as well. I loved that idea as soon as I saw it because I thought what a great way to get both of my kids footprints in the same place. I also plan on doing this with them both until they no longer allow it and then i want to make a quilt out of all the holiday shirts!! (I know I'm planning way ahead!)
Tomorrow, we are going to Celebration with the kids and husbands to take pictures of our little "monsters" in their shirts. We also have planned to go to Sea World for their Halloween activities where we will be having breakfast with Count van Count from Sesame Street!! I think that I am more excited than Blase! LOL After, Halloween is over then we will start planning to make our Christmas shirt!! AHH I love this time of year!

Blase (3) and Grace (6 months)

Grace's Shirt 2011

Blase's Shirt 2011

If you want to steal this idea go for it!! All you need is a black or orange shirt, 2 paper plates, white paint, black puffy paint, and then yellow or orange puffy paint.
You want to put the white paint on one of the plates the other plate place inside the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through. Spread the white paint around and then dip your little ones foot in the paint (Do one at a time) use your finger to spread the paint around and get all the little toes! Then press the foot down on the shirt with the heal up towards the neck of the shirt. Then repeat with other foot. Let the white dry just a bit (couple minutes) then you can add the eyes and mouth (bows if you have a girl) and any other decorations you want!
They are so quick and easy.
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