Friday, September 9, 2011

Science Center and Life

Well the last couple weeks seem to have just flown by. Between school twice a week and Jason working so much the days seem to just blend together! On August 26th I loaded up my car and headed to the Orlando Science Center. Now I have to admit I am a science junkie! When I was teaching science was my favorite subject to teach and I loved when I was a kid going to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey! We also went to Denver to visit Jason's family we went to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature back in 2009. However, I have never been to the science center right here in Orlando! I know shocking! So I loaded up the kids packed a lunch and met the girls at the Science Center! It was awesome! Blase LOVED the "Cherry Game" as he called it. It was trees that had orange balls the the kids picked and put into a box. Then they took the
oranges over to the juice factory and then put the box on a ramp that eventually put the oranges back in the trees. I think he called it the Cherry Game cause it reminded him of "High-Ho Cherry-O" and we have been playing that a lot lately at home. This was his favorite part of the whole place and this is ALL he wanted to do!
Blase Picking Oranges

Bella, Blase, and Drake playing at the Science Center

Grace just watching the action

Blase at bath time

Grace is doing very well. She will be 6 months on the 13th! Oh my where has the time gone! She is a wonderful baby and very chill! LOL! She is starting to sit up and lately she has been showing the signs of starting to get ready to crawl!! She can shimmy her way to toys and I am not really looking forward to having two mobile children!! AHH!! I have been enjoying Blase going to school cause that gives me some time with just her or to just clean. Lately, she comes home from dropping him off at school and takes a nap till its almost time to pick him up! I guess it cannot complain about some alone time! (or cleaning time) She goes to the doctor on the 20th so i will be able to give more details about weight and all. Oh and last night we had a successful dinner night! She actually ate willingly pears and some rice cereal! This is a first! Blase was not opposed to food at all! But Grace was not very happy about the whole situation. So last night I tried again and she actually ate! I was very pleased. The only downside is that her fat little legs done really fit in the Bumbo seat so she is very uncomfortable and we only have one highchair. So i have a very strong feeling that we will be headed to target to get Blase a booster seat and then give his highchair to Grace! :( my Blase is already big enough for a booster seat at the dinner table! Where did those 3 years go already?!

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  1. Looks like a good time at the science muesum and i'm sure you had just as much fun as Blase did! Lol. I cannot believe Grace is almost going to be 6 months old. She is heading on her way to crawling soon, so make sure that you still have the house baby proofed!! I think the next time I see her, she might be close to walking!


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