Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blase's First Day of Pre-K3

Monday, night I got a phone call. A phone call that I have been waiting to come for a while now! Ms. Victoria from St. Luke & St. Peter's Preschool that someone has dropped out and we got a spot!! So Blase would be enrolled in school Tuesday and Thursdays from 9 am to 12:30 pm! I was so excited that he got a spot! We have been so spoiled at St. Luke's. I love all the teachers and you can really tell that they LOVE their students. I had to work on Tuesday :( huge tears that i would not be there for Blase's first day of school. Plus, the hubs is not that great about taking pictures or picking out clothes for the kids! LOL So i picked out Blase's first day of school outfit and put it on the counter so he cannot screw it up. I called Kathryn to make sure that she and he both take pictures of the first day. And i gave Jason very specific directions to make sure that Grace is dressed as well! So i had everything ready and headed into work. Jason surprised me and stopped by the Ihop so I could see my Little Man before his first day. He was so excited! As soon as i got home from work i heard all about his first day and how much he LOVES school and he LOVES Ms. Irene and how he has a new friend named Victor.
I have to admit that I love preschool as well mostly because it gives me some one on one time with Grace and its always nice to go back to just one kid! LOL Here are some pictures from his first day

Blase and Olivia at School

My big boy

Blase and Grace

Blase at St. Luke and St. Peter's Pre-School

One happy boy

Friday, August 12, 2011

I can finally announce it!

No i am not preggo!!! This factory is closed! LOL
Blase jumped off the diving board!!! He has been talking about jumping off the diving board for 2 weeks! Everyday when we go to swim he tells me that on the last day he is jumping off the diving board! Well, today was the last day. I told him that today was the last day for two reasons. Reason one to prepare him that he is not going to be going to swim next week. Reason number two to talk him up about jumping of the diving board. He was so excited that it was the last day the whole way to the lesson he told me he was going to jump off the diving board. The whole lesson i heard him telling Miss Elizabeth that he is jumping off the diving board. Well, it was time! I did not think he was going to do it...I thought for sure he would walk out get scared and walk back. Well, he proved me wrong and here is the proof!

Now granted Uncle Ricky came right after he jumped so he got in line to do it again and he wimped out but hey he did it once and that is good enough for me! I am one proud mommy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We have a new.....

Gator in this house!! Jason has graduated from the University of Florida on August 6, 2011.
This was not an easy feat my any means of the imagination! College is tough when you are just doing it on its own. However, it is even tougher when you have a full time job.... and add a wife.... and children.... It is more like a challenge! But he did it! And he graduated with an impressive GPA to boot!
I also had to find a way to top Jason's birthday present again this year (Last year i surprised him with a trip to Canton to see Jerry Rice inducted into the Football Hall of Fame) So this year i had to do just as good if not even better! I made a few phone calls (in MAY) and wrote some emails and got his buddies from college to come down and surprise him! (My birthday present this year is going to be awesome *hint hint*) I was so grateful that Brendan and Luke were able to make it down for such a great event! And Brian was able to find time in his schedule to make it over as well! Friday night we all went to dinner and Jason had to use the bathroom (thank goodness) so we snuck in the guys and their wives/girlfriends while he was gone! I wish that i taped his reaction but i would have had to edit it heavily! LOL He was VERY shocked to see who had joined us! After dinner we headed back to the hotel and the guys checked in then headed out to the Swamp. I stayed behind with the kiddos. Saturday morning we all got up and went to breakfast at 34th Street Diner. Then headed over to the campus to get his cap and gown and for him to get in line! Mom, Dad, Terry, Rick, Grace, Blase, and myself headed in to get seats. I had packed prepared so Blase had his video game and snacks while Grace was very happy just hanging out. The ceremony started at 2. They walked the graduates in at 1:30 so they started on time and it moved really fast!! Blase was so thrilled to see his Daddy!! ( I got a little teary eyed!) After graduation Mom and Dad took the kids home with them so we could go out and have some fun! We went to the bookstore and dropped off his gown and of course got him his Alumni licence place. Then we stopped at the KA house (All 4 boys are KA's) After that we went to Gators Dockside for some dinner and drinks. Then headed out to Main Street Bar and Billiards where we played some darts and hung out! Sunday morning we got up and headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast then we had to head our ways :( It was so nice to see them!! We headed home but stopped at the movies (we finally saw Harry Potter!) after the movie we headed to my moms to get the kiddos!
It was a fantastic weekend! And I am so PROUD of my Gator!!

Jason and Luke

Brian, Jason, Grace, Blase (belly out ugh), Danielle, Brenden, Kristin, Caitlin, and Luke

Jason, Grace, Danielle, and Blase

Me and my Graduate!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rolls and Robes!

Well its official! We have a roller in our house! Yesterday, while Blase was taking a nap and Mommy was watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" I look over at Grace playing on her mat and over she went! I was surprised and then she did it again!! Ahh!! That means that crawling is in the very near future! Ugh what am i going to do with 2 mobile kids?!?! Here is the video of her rolling over!

Miss Grace rolling over!

I have been sewing more lately and I finally broke down and bought a patter from a blog that i follow. It was how to make a hooded beach towel robe for kids. With Blase doing swimming again and us living in Florida it only makes sense to make such a cool robe. So, I went to the store and got the couple things i needed and then arranged a small get together to make them. I thought it would be smart of me to make one first so then i can help the others! Thank goodness i did!! It was pretty straight forward but i am a VISUAL Learner!! I have a ton of problems reading directions and following them to a T! If you show me how to do something just one time i am set! So, I read my directions and hoped for the best! After i cut everything i headed over to my sewing machine and sewed it all together! It came out super cute so i threw it in the wash and that's when the problem started!! Ugh i pulled it out of the washer and it was falling apart! Apparently i needed to zig zag stitch instead of just a straight stitch! Ugh!! So i ended up fixing it and i think that it turned out pretty darn cute!! Now i am going to make one for Grace! Here is a picture of a really cute model showing off his new robe!

Handsome Blase!

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