Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White, and Chill!

Happy Belated 4th of July! We had a nice relaxing day! But a busy weekend. On Friday, Blase spend the night at my Mom and Dads so it was just Jason, Grace, and Myself. We had a nice night and he convinced me to put Grace in the cities "Cute Baby Contest" {lol my first pageant with Grace!} I was going to wait till next year but he really wanted me to do it since he is more active with the Chamber and it was run by them. So, Saturday morning I got up and got Miss Grace ready for her big day! Well, long story short she won 3rd place for her age! {now that i have gotten a taste i love them!!} Jason keeps telling me no Toddlers and Tiaras! {I totally agree no glitz pageants but maybe some more in the future!}
Saturday, afternoon we headed over to my Grandmothers for a BBQ for the 4th! It was nice and King Blase ran them ragged! Boy I thought that he got away with a lot at my parents! He has them all wrapped! {We often wonder what we did before the kids because they entertain us so much!}
Sunday, we just relaxed and I watched the closing arguments of the Casey Anthony Trial {ugh I'm going to be lost when its over} In the afternoon when Jason got home he was mowing the lawn and discovered two kittens in our garage! We are so not cat people. We put them back hoping that mom would return. She never did :( and after asking everyone we knew we were faced with the choice of having to bring them to the shelter. But we finally found them a home much to the disappointment of my son.
Monday, my dad came by to pick up Blase for a BBQ that Disney was hosting for cast members! Blase was thrilled to get to hang out with his Bobo! {he keeps telling me that Bobo misses him!} I had gotten a call from Marie that she was going to be in town and really wanted to see us and meet Grace. So i told her that Blase would be gone but Grace and I would be home. So she came over and got to see Grace and Jason when he got home from work. Then around 5 Blase showed up. I said to Dad wow you guys must have had a great time. Only to find out that they have been home at his house. Apparently he was misinformed and it was not a BBQ you had to bring your own food!! LOL So they swam in the pool for awhile and then headed back home to make pancakes and play! We had talked about going to see the fireworks in town, since its walking distance. But the kids were both asleep by 8 so we ended up just hanging home so Jason could study and I watched tv!
Today, Blase started swim lessons. I have taken him in the past. We did the mom and tot classes for 2 years and then this year since he is 3 he was moved up into level one! I was so excited because that means that i don't have to get in the pool!!! He did great! He went underwater when the teacher told him to and he did everything that he was told! My baby is such a big boy!
That is about all that is going on in our house! Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe 4th

Grace and her trophy

Grace out cold on 4th of July!

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