Friday, July 1, 2011

Holy Whiny 3 Year Old!

So we have had another busy week! Jason had a meeting on Monday that he was in charge of for his work. Then on Tuesday, I had to work at night at the restaurant. Luckily, on Wednesday Jason said that he would watch the kids so I got to work a morning shift at the store! Which was really nice! When i got home around 4 the kids were still down for their naps and Jason had already had dinner planned! It was not until Blase woke up that we saw the drastic difference in his behavior for us! Jason said that they were both really good (Luckily Blase only asked for me once or twice). Then he awoke!! It's like he saw me and a flip went off in his head. Full whiny mode! Everything was a fight and he was just whining about EVERYTHING!! Jason said that he was not like that at all during the day! Yesterday, Jason had to work (even though it was his day off) he had to do something for his boss. So I planned to go to the park with Kathryn and Olivia! I was temped a number of times to just call her and tell her forget it! Everything was a fight! From picking his clothes to going potty before we left! We finally get out of the house and stop at DD to get mommy her coffee....And as if the day was not crappy enough my debit card was not working!!! AHHH I NEVER have cash! So now I'm digging through my car to find money to pay! At least I had some change in the car to pay! Get to the park and thank goodness Kathryn was there! (her day was going about the same!) (thank goodness I'm not the only one!) And of course my kid is the moocher of everyone elses food! Well Mommy packed a bottle and stuff for Grace but I did not pack anything for Blase! Ugh Bad Mommy!
Then our new problem began... Kathryn calls me Danielle! Duh my friends don't call me Mommy...Well the parrot heard this and started calling me Danielle as soon as we got home! Are you serious?!?! So at first i will admit it was funny! But that got old fast! Jason found the humor in it! After dinner, Jason and I planned our attack on the food stores! (going on my own with 2 kids is not an option anymore!) We loaded up the car got our coupons and headed to Publix and Winn-Dixie! What a sight we were! 2 carts one for Blase and the food and then one for Grace!! LOL we get home put the food away and then the fight about bedtime starts! Thankfully it was a short lived battle and both kids were in bed by 8:30!! Haha Parents-1 Kids-0
Now i was hoping that when my sweet charming little 3 year old would awake and things would go back to normal!
Oh of course not! Everything thus far has been a battle! Picking undies, what to eat, where to play! I know its a stage but he better get out of it soon or Mommy is going to need help! LOL
On the upside my Mom is willingly taking Mr. Fussy tonight (Blase is missing his Bobo) so he can see my Dad in the morning and then we will all meet up at my Grandmothers for a 4th of July (a couple days early) BBQ!
Hope that everyone has a Safe and Fun holiday weekend!

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