Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You can call me Creative!

So for Christmas about 2 years ago Michael and Jessica got me a sewing machine. And for the first year it just collected dust. Then when Jessica had Kalen i wanted to make him a quilt to i busted it out and made a quilt. I also made Blase one using his onesies that were my favorite. Then once again it sat idle! Well now that i have a girl it has opened new possibilities for me! My girlfriends started making "pillowcase dresses" and i fell in love! So yesterday, Vanessa invited me over to teach me how to make them! They are super easy and super cute! I also made a crayon roll for a craft swap i joined. So here are some picture!

The Back of the dress

The front when the belt is tied

The front untied

The crayon roll open

All closed up


  1. Those are both cute sewing projects! You are pretty good with the sewing machine. One day, I will learn...until then, I can envy your creative work.

  2. thanks bridget!! You are awesome at scrapbook pages! Once you move back here i will teach you! :)

  3. I know I need to learn, it's on my to do list


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