Friday, June 24, 2011

Whirlwind Week!

Wow!! It has been a BUSY week and a couple days! Last Tuesday, June 14th, Jason's oldest sister (he's one of 7) Sarah and her husband Josh and their foster child Yesenia came to Orlando for Grace's Baptism. They were going to be here from the 14th till the 23rd and we had a lot of tourist things to do since Yesenia has never been to Orlando!
So we called in a lot of favors and were able to get to do all the fun things in Orlando! Wednesday night Me, Sarah, and Yesenia headed down to Downtown Disney for some Ice Cream and shopping. Then, Kristi was able to get us tickets to Sea World so on Thursday we went there from the time it opened till around 5 when we were all exhausted! Then on Friday, Jason took everyone to the beach and I stayed home with Grace cause it was so hot! Saturday, was Grace's Baptism so we did that and then lunch at Maggiannos with the whole family, and my mom invited everyone over to her house to swim and hang out which was really nice! Sunday, was Father's Day and Jason was worried that the store was going to be to busy so he went into work for a few hours and we all met up with my brother Michael, his wife Jessica, and their two little ones Kalen and Lucas for breakfast. After we ate Sarah and her crew headed out to the loop while i headed home with the kids to relax and wait for Jason. That night we went out to Outback for a Father's Day dinner. Monday, we just hung around the house and made smores on the deck in the fire pit. On Tuesday, we got up bright and early and headed to Disney!!! My dad met us and get us in and we got 2 white tickets so we were all able to get into the parks for free!!! :) We stayed at the Magic Kingdom till 4ish and then both of my kids hit the wall so we set the rest of them free! And man did they make the most out of their tickets! They did not get home till well after 1 AM!!! We were happy that they were able to see so much! Then on Wednesday we headed over to Ikea and Mall of Millennia and just did some walking around. Blase was very happy cause he is finally tall enough (and potty trained) so he got to go play in the "daycare" area at Ikea! So that gave us an hour that we could just walk around and look. We ended up coming home with a new "desk" for the corner in the sunroom. Jason and I have been talking about getting something bigger so i can put my sewing machine and scrapbook stuff somewhere more accessible. Right now my sewing machine lives in my laundry room and my scrapbook stuff is just in piles on a shelf! I think that i would do both more if i had a place to store it! So We got a new desk that is going to have room for my stuff!! I'm so excited! Then yesterday we just hung around the house until it was time for them to go! :*( Blase was not happy that he was no longer going to have roommates! At first he really freaked out because he thought that his daddy was leaving as well!
I hate when family has to leave but it was so much fun to have them here and it was really nice that Jason was able to take vacation also!
So that has been our crazy week! Now we are trying to get back into our routine (since Blase didn't really nap while they were here) and tonight i have to go sign Blase up for swim lessons! Hope everyone else has had a fun week! :)

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  1. Phew! That made me tired reading all of that. You sure did have a busy week but that's great that his family had a fun time down in Florida and their little girl got to have that experience


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