Sunday, June 12, 2011

I need to vent!!

So i have been going to church since i was a kid! I go to a catholic church in town. Blase was baptized when he was 3 months old and Grace is getting baptized on Saturday, June 18th. I go to church almost every Sunday. My husband works on Sundays so i am usually at church on my own with both kids (sometimes Ricky and Birds are at mass but not always).
I don't blame my husband for not being able to go with me!! But I also don't let that stop me! I get them dressed, get a snack for Blase, a bottle for Grace, and a quite toy for Blase to play with. We DO NOT sit in the cry room! I do not want my kids to think that church is play time! It is only an hour. Blase can sit quietly for just an hour!
Okay, last week Grace was in full out screaming! The cry room was full and i was at my wits end so after the Gospel I loaded them up and just left in a hurry. Plus i was getting a TON of dirty looks!
Today, we tried again! Got them both fed and dressed and headed to mass. We got in our seat and it was before mass started Grace started to fuss. So i got a bottle and tried to calm her. Keep in mind mass had not even started yet! I got the most nasty looks ever. Trust me if looks could kill i would be dead! And it just pisses me off!! Why are you judging me in church??!?! Why not say oh look that poor girl has her hands full but she is here! No instead please make it obvious to me that you are turning around and giving me a nasty look!! So all embarrassed ready to cry i quickly get our stuff and head to the cry room! Well we are in there and now my 3 year old thinks its play time! All over the floor talking loud all kinds of problems. So i decided that once Grace settled we would go back in the main church. Well she finally did and she fell asleep (thank God) and we were able to make it through the whole mass.
I just had to vent because it really bothers me that people are not understanding! Do you think I pinched my kid? Oh ya i love when they scream bloody murder!
So if you are reading this and you don't have kids. Please don't give that mom dirty looks! I'm sure that she is trying her best!
Well i feel better now! On a more positive note Jason's sister Sarah, her husband Josh, and their foster child are getting here Tuesday night! I cannot wait! Jason took vacation so we can do all kinds of fun things!! Then on Saturday, Grace is getting Baptised!!!! Ricky is her Godfather and Sarah is her Godmother!! Both my kids are so lucky to have such great Godparents! Blase's Godparents are Michael and Jessica! Since family will be here i might not get to update soon. But i will get pictures and a blog for Grace soon! Oh also i just realized that tomorrow Grace will be 3 months old!!! AHH!!! Where is the time going?!?!


  1. I am sorry that happened to you at church. I know it can be hard to take in all those remarks while dealing with two kids on your own. I try not to give any dirty looks to people with kids at church because I do understand sometimes it's hard for a kid to sit still for awhile.. but sometimes their kids are out of control and think its always play time and the parents don't even do a single thing about it and then it echos and i cannot hear a darn thing.. but that's because our church is really spacious so there's so many echos off everything and we have no cry room! but don't let those few people get you down! they'll get over it.

    It sounds like you're going to have a great weekend and week coming up! Enjoy it all and cannot wait to see pictures.

  2. I notice the same thing when I go to Catholic Church! It is SO frustrating! Almost to the point where I don't even want to go because I get so anxious! It's not as bad at the non-denominational church we go to, but I think the anxiety from my experiences at mass carry over to service at the other church... We haven't headed back since Easter Sunday {aside from P's Baptism!}


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