Monday, June 27, 2011

Holy Sugar High!

Well last night we took Blase and Grace to go see Cars 2! Blase was not told what we were doing all i told him was that when Daddy got home from work we have a surprise for him. So as soon as Jason walked in the door Blase goes running up to Jason yelling whats the surprise?!? To which Jason looks at me for help wondering what the heck is going on! Blase looked at him again and asked "Daddy what's my surprise?" Jason told him that we were going to see Cars 2! This is not Blase's first movie! He went and saw Wall-E when he was an infant..Then we (Christa and I) saw Bolt (he was only 6 months maybe). The first real movie he saw was Tangled (I know we saw another and now I cannot think of what it was!) and then my parents took him to see Hop. I know that he can pretty much sit through the movie especially since it was Cars! He has been back on his Lightning kick! I was also pretty hopeful that Grace would do fine since she is such a chill baby anyways! So away we went! We got there nice and early Blase wanted good seats! (ya i totally just blamed the kid!). I went to the concession stand and got myself some popcorn and Blase chose Junior Mints! Joy! Little Chocolate blobs filled with peppermint! Well needless to say Blase was on a SUGAR HIGH by the time we got out of the movie! He did pretty good. He lap hopped a little and the movie lost his interest only a few times. Grace was awesome! She slept for most of it and then watched some of it! But the best surprise of the night came when we stopped for dinner. Someone (BLASE) dropped a few Junior Mints into her car seat by accident. Well we did not discover this until I went to change her diaper. She had squished maybe 5 Junior Mints into her car seat with her butt!! LOL Oh the joy of kids! :)

Blase and his candy

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  1. thats great he loved it and Grace was able to sit through it all without any fussing. Kudos to you for giving him the entire box of Junior mints. I use to love those things when I was a kid too but not too much anymore!


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