Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grace's Baptism

Well, today was the big day! Grace was baptized at St. Thomas Aquinas today. She was surrounded by family that all love her so much! She is blessed to have such wonderful Godparents Sarah ( Jason's Sister) and Ricky ( My cousin). She was lucky enough to wear my Baptism Gown! My Mom saved it and its a little more yellow then it was 29 years ago! Hopefully, in however many years when Blase or Grace have kids they will use this same gown. I would love to keep it as a tradition! I also saved Blase's suit from his Baptism. But i loved that it was more antique. She looked like an angel! Both of my kids are so blessed to have such wonderful family in their lives and such great Godparents. Blase's Godparents are Michael and Jessica.
After the ceremony we all headed over to Maggianno's for "lunch" (and dinner!). Supper yummy!! After lunch we headed over to my Mom's for some swimming and just hanging out with the family.

Our Family

The Whole Crew

Ya i totally painted her toe nails!

Father Kent, Danielle, Jason, Ricky, Grace (not to thrilled), and Sarah

Grace in my Baptism Gown


  1. I love her painted toe nails. and the last picture of her is just precious! Congratulations on the baptism of Grace!

  2. I love the pictures! Grace looked stunning in your gown and I'm LOVING her painted toe nails!!! :)


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