Saturday, June 11, 2011

End of School and Anniversary!

Monday, was Blase's last day of school for the year. (and possible next year) Jason and I have been debating what to do next year since February. And I have flip-flopped a lot about what to do. Granted, its a two day program and it is only from 9 to 12:30 but one of the days would be one of Jason's days off. Also, its expensive! But Blase loves it! So about 2 weeks ago I was told that there was one spot the debate started again! We we finally made a decision on Monday that we would sign him up for it. And just my luck the spot was filled on Friday!!! :( So now he is on the waiting list (the only kid on the list) and we just have to hope that someone changes their mind or doesn't pay for next year. Oh well just got to leave it in Gods hands and see what happens. On Monday, they had a water day at school and i heard all about it on the way home. Then on Thursday, they had their end of year picnic. My dad was willing to watch Grace for me so I could go just Blase and I. He had a blast!Thursday night Jason had an exam and I really wanted to go get a new shirt for our anniversary so I called my Mom and persuaded her to go to the mall! Holy SALE at Banana Republic!! I got 4 really cute tops! (I cannot remember the lasttime i got something for myself) Then of course we had to go into Gymboree! They are having their big sale so i got Grace a TON of clothes and 2 tops for Blase.
Friday, was our 5 year anniversary! I cannot believe that it has been 5 years already! So my Mom willingly took BOTH kids on her own for us so we could go to dinner and a movie! This was Grace's first time spending the night other than home! I have to admit that i was more nervous then anyone else! But of course everything went fine!! And my parents returned two kids back to me this morning :)
Jason and I went to eat dinner at Texas de Brazil. Oh how yummy that place is!! Jason ate his weight in lamb and i ate some steaks and salad but saved room for dessert! Then we went over to the movies and saw the Hangover 2!! So funny!! It was a nice night for just us! Jason brought me home roses and I got him a new pair of sunglasses (his were stolen out of his car when he was in tampa)
It is crazy to think this time 5 years ago we were on a flight to Jamaica and now we have 2 kids a dog and a house! I would not change it for the world though!

Saying our I Do's on June 10, 2006

Us in Jamaica

Blase on his first day of school back in August! (he has changed so much)

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  1. I am sure if it's meant to be with Blase going back to school, then it will happen. I bet it's nice for him to be around others kids though.

    That's great you had a nice 5th anniversary. Sounds like you two enjoyed yourself. and it's even better you went shopping the day before and got a lot of stuff! haha


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