Monday, June 27, 2011

Holy Sugar High!

Well last night we took Blase and Grace to go see Cars 2! Blase was not told what we were doing all i told him was that when Daddy got home from work we have a surprise for him. So as soon as Jason walked in the door Blase goes running up to Jason yelling whats the surprise?!? To which Jason looks at me for help wondering what the heck is going on! Blase looked at him again and asked "Daddy what's my surprise?" Jason told him that we were going to see Cars 2! This is not Blase's first movie! He went and saw Wall-E when he was an infant..Then we (Christa and I) saw Bolt (he was only 6 months maybe). The first real movie he saw was Tangled (I know we saw another and now I cannot think of what it was!) and then my parents took him to see Hop. I know that he can pretty much sit through the movie especially since it was Cars! He has been back on his Lightning kick! I was also pretty hopeful that Grace would do fine since she is such a chill baby anyways! So away we went! We got there nice and early Blase wanted good seats! (ya i totally just blamed the kid!). I went to the concession stand and got myself some popcorn and Blase chose Junior Mints! Joy! Little Chocolate blobs filled with peppermint! Well needless to say Blase was on a SUGAR HIGH by the time we got out of the movie! He did pretty good. He lap hopped a little and the movie lost his interest only a few times. Grace was awesome! She slept for most of it and then watched some of it! But the best surprise of the night came when we stopped for dinner. Someone (BLASE) dropped a few Junior Mints into her car seat by accident. Well we did not discover this until I went to change her diaper. She had squished maybe 5 Junior Mints into her car seat with her butt!! LOL Oh the joy of kids! :)

Blase and his candy

Friday, June 24, 2011

Whirlwind Week!

Wow!! It has been a BUSY week and a couple days! Last Tuesday, June 14th, Jason's oldest sister (he's one of 7) Sarah and her husband Josh and their foster child Yesenia came to Orlando for Grace's Baptism. They were going to be here from the 14th till the 23rd and we had a lot of tourist things to do since Yesenia has never been to Orlando!
So we called in a lot of favors and were able to get to do all the fun things in Orlando! Wednesday night Me, Sarah, and Yesenia headed down to Downtown Disney for some Ice Cream and shopping. Then, Kristi was able to get us tickets to Sea World so on Thursday we went there from the time it opened till around 5 when we were all exhausted! Then on Friday, Jason took everyone to the beach and I stayed home with Grace cause it was so hot! Saturday, was Grace's Baptism so we did that and then lunch at Maggiannos with the whole family, and my mom invited everyone over to her house to swim and hang out which was really nice! Sunday, was Father's Day and Jason was worried that the store was going to be to busy so he went into work for a few hours and we all met up with my brother Michael, his wife Jessica, and their two little ones Kalen and Lucas for breakfast. After we ate Sarah and her crew headed out to the loop while i headed home with the kids to relax and wait for Jason. That night we went out to Outback for a Father's Day dinner. Monday, we just hung around the house and made smores on the deck in the fire pit. On Tuesday, we got up bright and early and headed to Disney!!! My dad met us and get us in and we got 2 white tickets so we were all able to get into the parks for free!!! :) We stayed at the Magic Kingdom till 4ish and then both of my kids hit the wall so we set the rest of them free! And man did they make the most out of their tickets! They did not get home till well after 1 AM!!! We were happy that they were able to see so much! Then on Wednesday we headed over to Ikea and Mall of Millennia and just did some walking around. Blase was very happy cause he is finally tall enough (and potty trained) so he got to go play in the "daycare" area at Ikea! So that gave us an hour that we could just walk around and look. We ended up coming home with a new "desk" for the corner in the sunroom. Jason and I have been talking about getting something bigger so i can put my sewing machine and scrapbook stuff somewhere more accessible. Right now my sewing machine lives in my laundry room and my scrapbook stuff is just in piles on a shelf! I think that i would do both more if i had a place to store it! So We got a new desk that is going to have room for my stuff!! I'm so excited! Then yesterday we just hung around the house until it was time for them to go! :*( Blase was not happy that he was no longer going to have roommates! At first he really freaked out because he thought that his daddy was leaving as well!
I hate when family has to leave but it was so much fun to have them here and it was really nice that Jason was able to take vacation also!
So that has been our crazy week! Now we are trying to get back into our routine (since Blase didn't really nap while they were here) and tonight i have to go sign Blase up for swim lessons! Hope everyone else has had a fun week! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grace's Baptism

Well, today was the big day! Grace was baptized at St. Thomas Aquinas today. She was surrounded by family that all love her so much! She is blessed to have such wonderful Godparents Sarah ( Jason's Sister) and Ricky ( My cousin). She was lucky enough to wear my Baptism Gown! My Mom saved it and its a little more yellow then it was 29 years ago! Hopefully, in however many years when Blase or Grace have kids they will use this same gown. I would love to keep it as a tradition! I also saved Blase's suit from his Baptism. But i loved that it was more antique. She looked like an angel! Both of my kids are so blessed to have such wonderful family in their lives and such great Godparents. Blase's Godparents are Michael and Jessica.
After the ceremony we all headed over to Maggianno's for "lunch" (and dinner!). Supper yummy!! After lunch we headed over to my Mom's for some swimming and just hanging out with the family.

Our Family

The Whole Crew

Ya i totally painted her toe nails!

Father Kent, Danielle, Jason, Ricky, Grace (not to thrilled), and Sarah

Grace in my Baptism Gown

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You can call me Creative!

So for Christmas about 2 years ago Michael and Jessica got me a sewing machine. And for the first year it just collected dust. Then when Jessica had Kalen i wanted to make him a quilt to i busted it out and made a quilt. I also made Blase one using his onesies that were my favorite. Then once again it sat idle! Well now that i have a girl it has opened new possibilities for me! My girlfriends started making "pillowcase dresses" and i fell in love! So yesterday, Vanessa invited me over to teach me how to make them! They are super easy and super cute! I also made a crayon roll for a craft swap i joined. So here are some picture!

The Back of the dress

The front when the belt is tied

The front untied

The crayon roll open

All closed up

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I need to vent!!

So i have been going to church since i was a kid! I go to a catholic church in town. Blase was baptized when he was 3 months old and Grace is getting baptized on Saturday, June 18th. I go to church almost every Sunday. My husband works on Sundays so i am usually at church on my own with both kids (sometimes Ricky and Birds are at mass but not always).
I don't blame my husband for not being able to go with me!! But I also don't let that stop me! I get them dressed, get a snack for Blase, a bottle for Grace, and a quite toy for Blase to play with. We DO NOT sit in the cry room! I do not want my kids to think that church is play time! It is only an hour. Blase can sit quietly for just an hour!
Okay, last week Grace was in full out screaming! The cry room was full and i was at my wits end so after the Gospel I loaded them up and just left in a hurry. Plus i was getting a TON of dirty looks!
Today, we tried again! Got them both fed and dressed and headed to mass. We got in our seat and it was before mass started Grace started to fuss. So i got a bottle and tried to calm her. Keep in mind mass had not even started yet! I got the most nasty looks ever. Trust me if looks could kill i would be dead! And it just pisses me off!! Why are you judging me in church??!?! Why not say oh look that poor girl has her hands full but she is here! No instead please make it obvious to me that you are turning around and giving me a nasty look!! So all embarrassed ready to cry i quickly get our stuff and head to the cry room! Well we are in there and now my 3 year old thinks its play time! All over the floor talking loud all kinds of problems. So i decided that once Grace settled we would go back in the main church. Well she finally did and she fell asleep (thank God) and we were able to make it through the whole mass.
I just had to vent because it really bothers me that people are not understanding! Do you think I pinched my kid? Oh ya i love when they scream bloody murder!
So if you are reading this and you don't have kids. Please don't give that mom dirty looks! I'm sure that she is trying her best!
Well i feel better now! On a more positive note Jason's sister Sarah, her husband Josh, and their foster child are getting here Tuesday night! I cannot wait! Jason took vacation so we can do all kinds of fun things!! Then on Saturday, Grace is getting Baptised!!!! Ricky is her Godfather and Sarah is her Godmother!! Both my kids are so lucky to have such great Godparents! Blase's Godparents are Michael and Jessica! Since family will be here i might not get to update soon. But i will get pictures and a blog for Grace soon! Oh also i just realized that tomorrow Grace will be 3 months old!!! AHH!!! Where is the time going?!?!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

End of School and Anniversary!

Monday, was Blase's last day of school for the year. (and possible next year) Jason and I have been debating what to do next year since February. And I have flip-flopped a lot about what to do. Granted, its a two day program and it is only from 9 to 12:30 but one of the days would be one of Jason's days off. Also, its expensive! But Blase loves it! So about 2 weeks ago I was told that there was one spot the debate started again! We we finally made a decision on Monday that we would sign him up for it. And just my luck the spot was filled on Friday!!! :( So now he is on the waiting list (the only kid on the list) and we just have to hope that someone changes their mind or doesn't pay for next year. Oh well just got to leave it in Gods hands and see what happens. On Monday, they had a water day at school and i heard all about it on the way home. Then on Thursday, they had their end of year picnic. My dad was willing to watch Grace for me so I could go just Blase and I. He had a blast!Thursday night Jason had an exam and I really wanted to go get a new shirt for our anniversary so I called my Mom and persuaded her to go to the mall! Holy SALE at Banana Republic!! I got 4 really cute tops! (I cannot remember the lasttime i got something for myself) Then of course we had to go into Gymboree! They are having their big sale so i got Grace a TON of clothes and 2 tops for Blase.
Friday, was our 5 year anniversary! I cannot believe that it has been 5 years already! So my Mom willingly took BOTH kids on her own for us so we could go to dinner and a movie! This was Grace's first time spending the night other than home! I have to admit that i was more nervous then anyone else! But of course everything went fine!! And my parents returned two kids back to me this morning :)
Jason and I went to eat dinner at Texas de Brazil. Oh how yummy that place is!! Jason ate his weight in lamb and i ate some steaks and salad but saved room for dessert! Then we went over to the movies and saw the Hangover 2!! So funny!! It was a nice night for just us! Jason brought me home roses and I got him a new pair of sunglasses (his were stolen out of his car when he was in tampa)
It is crazy to think this time 5 years ago we were on a flight to Jamaica and now we have 2 kids a dog and a house! I would not change it for the world though!

Saying our I Do's on June 10, 2006

Us in Jamaica

Blase on his first day of school back in August! (he has changed so much)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mini Stay-Cation

Ahhh!! We got home last night from our mini Stay-Cataion! We have not taken a real vacation in about 4 years. We have gone on trips to visit family but not a vacation that involves a hotel and eating out! So, about a year ago Jason won 2 free nights at Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete. So we kinda forgot that we had it and i came across it at the beginning of the month and saw that it was going to expire on June 30, 2011 so it was a case of use it or lose it! I talked to Jason about what works for him and we decided that since he is taking a week of vacation when his sister comes down for Grace's Baptism we choose to just got from Tuesday night to Thursday afternoon/night since his days off were on Wednesday and Thursday. So I packed the bags on Monday and Tuesday and then the plan was as soon as Jason got home on Tuesday we were going to get in the car and go! LOL! (i was watching the Casey Anthony Case on Tuesday so my packing skills were so off!!) Once we got everything loaded in the car and got Blase to go potty (this was only his second long drive since hes been potty trained). We got in and of course had to stop at DD to get Mommy her coffee then away we went!
As soon as we arrived at the hotel i remembered that I forgot the certificate for the room at home!!! Oh i was so pissed at myself! (I also forgot to pack Jason shorts but he noticed before we left, I forgot a second pair of shoes for Blase, and the certificate) So we check in and tell the lady i forgot the certificate. She was super nice and said that if someone can scan it or fax it that would work till we can mail it in. (crisis averted) We then went up to our room! We had a room down a little hallway in the main building. Our view was awesome!
Our view
We were all starving so we unloaded the car and then decided to go get dinner. We choose to go to Chick Fil A since its a cheap dinner and then Blase could play in the playground. When we got there we found out it was family night so Blase ate for free!! Then we headed back to the hotel and walked along the beach. Well that was the plan to just walk along the beach but Blase decided to go for a swim fully clothed!! After we were finally able to get him to leave the ocean we headed up to the room and gave the kids a bath and then got ready for bed. This was Blase's first trip where he was sleeping in a bed and not in the playpen since we needed the playpen for Grace. Finally, around 11 pm the whole room fell asleep. Wednesday morning we woke up and made breakfast in the room and got ready to go to the beach! So we packed the bags and got the kids and headed out! Blase LOVED the water and sand and was content just hanging out there all day! Grace on the other hand had to stay in the shade so we had to take turns hanging with
her and feeding her and trying to get her to sleep. (beach and baby not a great combo)

Blase in the sand

Grace shade bathing

After a while of playing in the ocean he wanted to go play in the pool for a bit. I went up and told Jason that the sky was starting to look like it was going to rain. He told me "No, it's not going to rain" lol jokes on him! Blase and I played in the pool for a bit then the sky was getting really black. So we went back to the beach to get Jason and Grace and then the storm came!! Huge sandstorm!! Blase was screaming cause his tube blew away. But my concern was Grace!! So Jason covered her with a towel and ran for the hills! I grabbed the bags and Blase and also ran for it! So we got to the room and put the kids down for a nap. After they woke up we decided to go to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company for dinner. Yummy! Then we went back to the room and got ready for bed.
Thursday, we thought it was not a great idea to go back to the beach since we would not have a room to go back to shower and change so we took Blase to the pools. Grace and I stayed in our clothes and relaxed while Jason choose to put on his swimsuit and play with Blase. Blase is such a fish! We got him swimmies and he was swimming like a big boy! (he is going to swim lessons July5-15th) Around 1 Blase was saying he was hungry so we got changed and started to head home! We had a great trip and will have to do it again soon!

Blase swimming in the pool

Blase and Daddy

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