Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swings and Potty

Well it has finally happened!! Blase is using the POTTY!!!

Let me give you some background...My son is my husband!! Stubborn as the day is long. He had no interest in going potty. Even when I told him he was wearing baby diapers he could care less. When you asked him if he wanted to go potty his response was always a definitive nope! So I had pretty much given up hope for potty training for a bit.

So last week a friend was selling a swing set...I talked to Jason and we decided that this would be a good investment for us (we have been looking for one for a while) So, we had decided that today my Uncle Rick would take off and the men would go get this monstrosity that I found for my baby!

The last two nights I have been working at the IHOP. Mom and Dad took Blase on Tuesday night for Jason so he would only have Grace. Well, they all went out to Taco Tuesday and they did not know that we had not told Blase about the swing set so they started talking about how only Big Boys can go on the swing set and he seemed receptive. So when they brought him home this morning I continued the discussion on how only Big Boys can use the swing set. We went up to his room and picked out undies and that was the start. We had a number of accidents (duh it was the first day)

After the swing set was put together and we were ready to go into the house Mimi gave Blase an bat and after he came out she put him on the potty and he peed!!! And that was the beginning of the end! He has done perfect the rest of today! I cannot believe that he is finally going on the potty and he gets so excited when he does!

The swing set we got him is so AWESOME!! I am so grateful that we got it before the party next Saturday! I am also grateful that my family went and took it apart, loaded it up, brought it home and set it us again!!

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