Thursday, May 5, 2011


Let me start by saying i love my kids! They are my whole world. However, before i had Blase i had a life. I had a social life, I had a work life, I had married friends and single friends. I would not trade my kids for the world but they really change your life drastically! Friends who don't have kids just don't understand that you cannot just go out to dinner on a whim... I went from working full time as a being a full time Mommy. So, because i was not in the work force a lot of my friends from work slowly dwindled from my life. Its not my fault or their fault its just life.
So as a new Mom i was finding it really hard to find people who were going through what i was going through. None of my "friends" were stay at home moms so i often found myself at the park alone with Blase. I have to admit that the first almost 2 years with Blase were kinda lonely. I would do things with him and i didn't mind doing it alone but really who wants to go to the park alone?! Jason and I decided in March of last year that we were going to enroll Blase in a 1 day pre-school program to get him around and use to other kids. Then, an amazing thing happened!
I think it was in September I was at the park (alone) with Blase and I saw Susan (she was my assistant principal when i was teaching) and she was there with her group of friends. They were having a pot luck lunch with all their kids. I thank God for that day! Susan introduced me to all the girls and told me how they all met. MOPS. So, I joined. What a wonderful group of women and mothers! I have made such AMAZING friends. They have truly blessed my life and my kids life in so many ways! I am so sad that MOPS is over for the year!
But i know just because MOPS is over that really doesn't mean anything for our friendships!
So now my social calender is more like Blase and Graces Social Calender! And what a busy calender they keep! Shoot Grace was at her first event 4 days!! after she was born!
So thank you Susan for introducing me to them and thank you MOPS for making my "Friend to Me Ratio" perfect!


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  1. I am happy you have a group of friends that you can be around, socialize with and have Blase play with other kids! That is a great feeling having others. I sometimes feel out of the loop/behind because all....well, most have kids and Matt and I don't. But we totally understand how it's not easy to just get up and go for them


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