Friday, May 20, 2011

Blase's Day

I wanted to start a new tradition with my kids for their birthday.. And this was the first time that Blase actually knew it was his birthday. He woke up yelling "Mommy I'm up and it's my birthday!" The night before I blew up 2 bags of balloons (my fingers were killing me from tying them) and then i tied them together to make a balloon garland. Jason went to Publix and got Blase a jumbo cookie and a Cars balloon. So after he went to bed we hung up the balloons and wrapped a present and get it all set up for him.

After he woke up we opened his new Chuck Stunt Park toy and Daddy put it together. Then it was time for breakfast. And of course we had Blase's favorite meal....Pancakes. Normally i make him a Mickey Mouse pancake but today we made the number 3!
After breakfast we played and poor Jason had a meeting to go to but that was ok. Mimi came over after work so she could watch Grace so we could finish our big day with Blase. He loves dinosaurs right now and at Downtown Disney they have a restaurant called T-Rex. (Its just like the Rainforest Cafe only with dinos instead) So we cashed in our Disney points off our credit card and went to Downtown Disney. We told Blase we were going to dinner at T-Rex and that he can pick a toy and then we were going to get ice cream (i think i was more excited about the ice cream then Blase)

We got to T-Rex and he was in heaven! He loved looking at all the dinos and every half hour their is a meteor shower and he loved that as well. The only thing he didn't understand was that T-Rex was not going to actually eat dinner with him. He kept telling us that he had to wait for T-Rex to eat! LOL

After dinner we looked around the gift shop and he deiced that he wanted to get a T-Rex. They have a build a dino in there its just like build a bear only with dinos instead. So he got his T-Rex and started the process. The girl told him to pick a heart and kiss it...The next thing we know he is kissing the girl on the cheek (hes a charmer!) His favorite part of the process was washing his T-Rex. He also named his din0...T-Rex (super creative)

After he got his dino we headed over to Giradellies for Ice cream! After we had our ice cream we headed over to the boardwalk hotel so Blase could see his Bobo. He had such a great nite and it was so nice to get to just spend time with him just the 2 of us with him. Not that he doesn't love Grace it was just nice for him to be the center of attention. Now we are getting ready for his Birthday Party tomorrow!

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