Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 year and 2 month Check Ups and a Baby

Well on Tuesday I had my hands full at the doctors office! I had to take Blase for his 3 year check up and I also had Grace's 2 month appointment on the same day. I figured why drive there and back twice! So I loaded up the kids and headed out! We have been going to the same pediatrician since Blase was born. She actually had just opened her practice a couple months before I had Blase. So it's been fun to watch her practice grow along with Blase. I LOVE my dr!! I cannot even express how awesome she is!!! The last time we went to the Dr's Blase got a shot so he was not to thrilled to go back. So I explained to him that he was not getting a shot today.

Dr. Nielsen was just going to look in his mouth and ears and that Grace was getting a shot. That seemed to make him happy. So when we arrived they both got weighed. Blase is currently 29 pounds and Grace is 12 pounds! They then put us in our room. As soon as Dr. Nielsen came in he told her hello and then informed her that he was not getting any shots just Grace! She got a major kick out of that! So he was checked first. Everything is perfect with him and he is right on track! (and maybe even a bit ahead) He is in the 50th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight.

Then it was Grace's turn. She also checked out fine and is in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. Then the dreaded shots! I know what to expect cause I have done it before but it still sucks every time! And not only did she have to get shots she bleed! :( OH well what can you do!? She is doing much better still cranky and has a big bruise on her leg.

So that's an update on the kiddos as of now!

Oh and by the way I am an Aunt again!! Wahoo!! My brother Michael and my sister in law Jessica welcomed Lucas Michael into the world yesterday on my dads birthday!

Lucas Michael Scibetta

Well, on Friday i loaded my car up with the kiddos. Stopped and got coffee and then headed to meet the newest family member!! It was an easy drive. We stopped at Publix once we got into crystal river to get some food for the new parents. Then finished the ride to Michael and Jessica's. Blase was very excited to see Kalen and I was just as excited to see them both! (Plus their parents) I decided to make some food for them. (My friends feed my family for the first week and it made it so much easier!) So i made them a pot of Gravy (pasta sauce), Meatloaf, and then made Jessica's favorite meal for dinner. Chicken Parm!! I think that was very helpful for her! Its crazy how little he is!!

Grace Alexis (9 Weeks) Lucas Michael (3 days)

They really do grow so fast! I remember when I had Grace and saw Blase for the first time since i had her he looked HUGE to me. Well, when I put Grace next to Lucas holy big baby!! They are only 9 weeks and 2 days apart but wow they change so much in the first couple months!! I mostly helped out with the cooking and the little ones. At one point Jessica was getting tired so Michael and I told her to go take a nap. Between the two of us we should be able to handle 4 kids! LOL!! So she went and took a nap and Uncle Big Mikey took the two bigger ones outside to play with the water table and firetruck. While I dealt with the two little ones. We took Lucas outside for a few minutes to get him in the sun to help his jaundice but it was really hot so he stayed out for maybe 5 minutes then we headed back in! After dinner I decided that it was time for my crew to leave. Blase had not napped and was starting to get cranky and Kalen has had a very eventful week as well. So I loaded them up (after a potty break) and got on the road. Not even 10 minutes into the ride Blase was passed out!! Once we got home we watched his shows and then bed time!

Blase and Kalen

It was super nice to get to see them and meet the newest family member!

Also this week i have developed a new admiration for single mothers! Jason had to go to Tampa for work this week. He left on Wednesday and will get home sometime tonight! I knew it was going to be rough but WOW!! I guess i never realized just how much he helps until he is gone! (Although my house stays a lot cleaner with him gone!) Between feeding both of them, getting them both down for naps, and cleaning i am beat! Plus i am getting tired of fast food! I'm not going to cook for just Blase and I so we have been hitting the fast food joints but it gets old! (never thought i would say that!) But its not like i can even go to a restaurant cause who wants to go eat alone with two kids in tow?? Don't get me wrong i love to go eat by myself every once and a while! Its nice to get to just sit and people watch and enjoy your food without having to make conversation or deal with kids but there was no way that i was going with them both by myself! (I did consider going to the Ihop but that's different). So that has been our week!

My next blog will be probably sometime at the end of the week cause we are going on a mini stay-cation to the beach on Tuesday. So i will blog about our trip and the fun we had! :)


  1. Sounds like you've had your hands full but I am sure it has made the time go by quicker for Jason to come back home! I am sure you did great with the two little ones but I bet it can be hard being a single parent. Sometimes I don't know how my sister does it with 4 kids under the age of 7! Lol. I like the pictures! enjoy your mini vacation and can't wait until you post about that. we miss and love you all.

  2. Hi there, I googled St. Cloud FL Blogs and you popped up! We just moved here a month ago, and so far love it. You have a beautiful family :) Anyways, stop over anytime at




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