Friday, May 13, 2011

2 Months!

Well, I cannot believe that it has already been two months since we had Grace. I am very happy to say that Blase has taken to his sister amazingly! He never had any type of animosity towards her. He welcomed her into our home and his heart seamlessly. Sometimes he is a bit to lovey with her. He likes to get right in her face and tell her how much he loves her and to say hello. He is always right there when she wakes up...and if she cries he gets upset and orders me to go get her a bottle!
Grace is getting bigger and bigger by the minute! I already had to pack up all her newborn stuff and get out the 3 month clothes! She had some outfits that she never even wore! Luckily one of the girls at work is preggo with a girl so i know that Grace's clothes are going to a good home. Although there are some things that i am keeping so i can make Grace a quilt like i made Blase.
She is sleeping like a champ. Jason and I do not remember Blase sleeping through the night already. We actually use to fight when Blase was a newborn cause he was always up till at least Midnight sometimes even later! Grace on the other hand is in bet by 10pm and she wakes up around 5 or 6 for a bottle and then usually gets for the day around 8ish. Which works out perfect cause i can feed and get Blase ready for the day while she is still asleep.
She likes to be outside which is nice especially since Blase loves to be outside playing on his new swing set and in the pool. She is a very chill baby and loves to just be held. I find myself holding her more than i did with Blase especially when she is sleeping. I think i tend to do this because i know that she is my last baby! :( But she also sleeps great in her crib and has done so since she was born!

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