Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 year and 2 month Check Ups and a Baby

Well on Tuesday I had my hands full at the doctors office! I had to take Blase for his 3 year check up and I also had Grace's 2 month appointment on the same day. I figured why drive there and back twice! So I loaded up the kids and headed out! We have been going to the same pediatrician since Blase was born. She actually had just opened her practice a couple months before I had Blase. So it's been fun to watch her practice grow along with Blase. I LOVE my dr!! I cannot even express how awesome she is!!! The last time we went to the Dr's Blase got a shot so he was not to thrilled to go back. So I explained to him that he was not getting a shot today.

Dr. Nielsen was just going to look in his mouth and ears and that Grace was getting a shot. That seemed to make him happy. So when we arrived they both got weighed. Blase is currently 29 pounds and Grace is 12 pounds! They then put us in our room. As soon as Dr. Nielsen came in he told her hello and then informed her that he was not getting any shots just Grace! She got a major kick out of that! So he was checked first. Everything is perfect with him and he is right on track! (and maybe even a bit ahead) He is in the 50th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight.

Then it was Grace's turn. She also checked out fine and is in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. Then the dreaded shots! I know what to expect cause I have done it before but it still sucks every time! And not only did she have to get shots she bleed! :( OH well what can you do!? She is doing much better still cranky and has a big bruise on her leg.

So that's an update on the kiddos as of now!

Oh and by the way I am an Aunt again!! Wahoo!! My brother Michael and my sister in law Jessica welcomed Lucas Michael into the world yesterday on my dads birthday!

Lucas Michael Scibetta

Well, on Friday i loaded my car up with the kiddos. Stopped and got coffee and then headed to meet the newest family member!! It was an easy drive. We stopped at Publix once we got into crystal river to get some food for the new parents. Then finished the ride to Michael and Jessica's. Blase was very excited to see Kalen and I was just as excited to see them both! (Plus their parents) I decided to make some food for them. (My friends feed my family for the first week and it made it so much easier!) So i made them a pot of Gravy (pasta sauce), Meatloaf, and then made Jessica's favorite meal for dinner. Chicken Parm!! I think that was very helpful for her! Its crazy how little he is!!

Grace Alexis (9 Weeks) Lucas Michael (3 days)

They really do grow so fast! I remember when I had Grace and saw Blase for the first time since i had her he looked HUGE to me. Well, when I put Grace next to Lucas holy big baby!! They are only 9 weeks and 2 days apart but wow they change so much in the first couple months!! I mostly helped out with the cooking and the little ones. At one point Jessica was getting tired so Michael and I told her to go take a nap. Between the two of us we should be able to handle 4 kids! LOL!! So she went and took a nap and Uncle Big Mikey took the two bigger ones outside to play with the water table and firetruck. While I dealt with the two little ones. We took Lucas outside for a few minutes to get him in the sun to help his jaundice but it was really hot so he stayed out for maybe 5 minutes then we headed back in! After dinner I decided that it was time for my crew to leave. Blase had not napped and was starting to get cranky and Kalen has had a very eventful week as well. So I loaded them up (after a potty break) and got on the road. Not even 10 minutes into the ride Blase was passed out!! Once we got home we watched his shows and then bed time!

Blase and Kalen

It was super nice to get to see them and meet the newest family member!

Also this week i have developed a new admiration for single mothers! Jason had to go to Tampa for work this week. He left on Wednesday and will get home sometime tonight! I knew it was going to be rough but WOW!! I guess i never realized just how much he helps until he is gone! (Although my house stays a lot cleaner with him gone!) Between feeding both of them, getting them both down for naps, and cleaning i am beat! Plus i am getting tired of fast food! I'm not going to cook for just Blase and I so we have been hitting the fast food joints but it gets old! (never thought i would say that!) But its not like i can even go to a restaurant cause who wants to go eat alone with two kids in tow?? Don't get me wrong i love to go eat by myself every once and a while! Its nice to get to just sit and people watch and enjoy your food without having to make conversation or deal with kids but there was no way that i was going with them both by myself! (I did consider going to the Ihop but that's different). So that has been our week!

My next blog will be probably sometime at the end of the week cause we are going on a mini stay-cation to the beach on Tuesday. So i will blog about our trip and the fun we had! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blase's Day

I wanted to start a new tradition with my kids for their birthday.. And this was the first time that Blase actually knew it was his birthday. He woke up yelling "Mommy I'm up and it's my birthday!" The night before I blew up 2 bags of balloons (my fingers were killing me from tying them) and then i tied them together to make a balloon garland. Jason went to Publix and got Blase a jumbo cookie and a Cars balloon. So after he went to bed we hung up the balloons and wrapped a present and get it all set up for him.

After he woke up we opened his new Chuck Stunt Park toy and Daddy put it together. Then it was time for breakfast. And of course we had Blase's favorite meal....Pancakes. Normally i make him a Mickey Mouse pancake but today we made the number 3!
After breakfast we played and poor Jason had a meeting to go to but that was ok. Mimi came over after work so she could watch Grace so we could finish our big day with Blase. He loves dinosaurs right now and at Downtown Disney they have a restaurant called T-Rex. (Its just like the Rainforest Cafe only with dinos instead) So we cashed in our Disney points off our credit card and went to Downtown Disney. We told Blase we were going to dinner at T-Rex and that he can pick a toy and then we were going to get ice cream (i think i was more excited about the ice cream then Blase)

We got to T-Rex and he was in heaven! He loved looking at all the dinos and every half hour their is a meteor shower and he loved that as well. The only thing he didn't understand was that T-Rex was not going to actually eat dinner with him. He kept telling us that he had to wait for T-Rex to eat! LOL

After dinner we looked around the gift shop and he deiced that he wanted to get a T-Rex. They have a build a dino in there its just like build a bear only with dinos instead. So he got his T-Rex and started the process. The girl told him to pick a heart and kiss it...The next thing we know he is kissing the girl on the cheek (hes a charmer!) His favorite part of the process was washing his T-Rex. He also named his din0...T-Rex (super creative)

After he got his dino we headed over to Giradellies for Ice cream! After we had our ice cream we headed over to the boardwalk hotel so Blase could see his Bobo. He had such a great nite and it was so nice to get to just spend time with him just the 2 of us with him. Not that he doesn't love Grace it was just nice for him to be the center of attention. Now we are getting ready for his Birthday Party tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blase is 3!!!

Blase Carl Ullrich
May 18, 2008
8:30 am
6 pounds
20 inches
Blase's First Birthday
Blase's 2nd Birthday
Blase's 3rd Birthday
Three years ago today at 8:30 am a little boy was born at Celebration Hospital by the name of Blase Carl Ullrich. In that moment we went from a married couple to a Family! From the moment he was born he was a relaxed baby! The first couple months seemed to go by so slow...He was not rolling, or crawling, or talking, or walking! LOL I cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly. Now he is walking, talking (all the time), potty trained, and now a Big Brother! He has brought so much joy to our lives. He is one of the most caring and compassionate kids ever. He loves Disney and being with his Mimi and Bobo! He is so much more than i could have ever asked for!
Happy Birthday Blase
Mommy loves you so much!

Friday, May 13, 2011

2 Months!

Well, I cannot believe that it has already been two months since we had Grace. I am very happy to say that Blase has taken to his sister amazingly! He never had any type of animosity towards her. He welcomed her into our home and his heart seamlessly. Sometimes he is a bit to lovey with her. He likes to get right in her face and tell her how much he loves her and to say hello. He is always right there when she wakes up...and if she cries he gets upset and orders me to go get her a bottle!
Grace is getting bigger and bigger by the minute! I already had to pack up all her newborn stuff and get out the 3 month clothes! She had some outfits that she never even wore! Luckily one of the girls at work is preggo with a girl so i know that Grace's clothes are going to a good home. Although there are some things that i am keeping so i can make Grace a quilt like i made Blase.
She is sleeping like a champ. Jason and I do not remember Blase sleeping through the night already. We actually use to fight when Blase was a newborn cause he was always up till at least Midnight sometimes even later! Grace on the other hand is in bet by 10pm and she wakes up around 5 or 6 for a bottle and then usually gets for the day around 8ish. Which works out perfect cause i can feed and get Blase ready for the day while she is still asleep.
She likes to be outside which is nice especially since Blase loves to be outside playing on his new swing set and in the pool. She is a very chill baby and loves to just be held. I find myself holding her more than i did with Blase especially when she is sleeping. I think i tend to do this because i know that she is my last baby! :( But she also sleeps great in her crib and has done so since she was born!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swings and Potty

Well it has finally happened!! Blase is using the POTTY!!!

Let me give you some background...My son is my husband!! Stubborn as the day is long. He had no interest in going potty. Even when I told him he was wearing baby diapers he could care less. When you asked him if he wanted to go potty his response was always a definitive nope! So I had pretty much given up hope for potty training for a bit.

So last week a friend was selling a swing set...I talked to Jason and we decided that this would be a good investment for us (we have been looking for one for a while) So, we had decided that today my Uncle Rick would take off and the men would go get this monstrosity that I found for my baby!

The last two nights I have been working at the IHOP. Mom and Dad took Blase on Tuesday night for Jason so he would only have Grace. Well, they all went out to Taco Tuesday and they did not know that we had not told Blase about the swing set so they started talking about how only Big Boys can go on the swing set and he seemed receptive. So when they brought him home this morning I continued the discussion on how only Big Boys can use the swing set. We went up to his room and picked out undies and that was the start. We had a number of accidents (duh it was the first day)

After the swing set was put together and we were ready to go into the house Mimi gave Blase an bat and after he came out she put him on the potty and he peed!!! And that was the beginning of the end! He has done perfect the rest of today! I cannot believe that he is finally going on the potty and he gets so excited when he does!

The swing set we got him is so AWESOME!! I am so grateful that we got it before the party next Saturday! I am also grateful that my family went and took it apart, loaded it up, brought it home and set it us again!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Let me start by saying i love my kids! They are my whole world. However, before i had Blase i had a life. I had a social life, I had a work life, I had married friends and single friends. I would not trade my kids for the world but they really change your life drastically! Friends who don't have kids just don't understand that you cannot just go out to dinner on a whim... I went from working full time as a being a full time Mommy. So, because i was not in the work force a lot of my friends from work slowly dwindled from my life. Its not my fault or their fault its just life.
So as a new Mom i was finding it really hard to find people who were going through what i was going through. None of my "friends" were stay at home moms so i often found myself at the park alone with Blase. I have to admit that the first almost 2 years with Blase were kinda lonely. I would do things with him and i didn't mind doing it alone but really who wants to go to the park alone?! Jason and I decided in March of last year that we were going to enroll Blase in a 1 day pre-school program to get him around and use to other kids. Then, an amazing thing happened!
I think it was in September I was at the park (alone) with Blase and I saw Susan (she was my assistant principal when i was teaching) and she was there with her group of friends. They were having a pot luck lunch with all their kids. I thank God for that day! Susan introduced me to all the girls and told me how they all met. MOPS. So, I joined. What a wonderful group of women and mothers! I have made such AMAZING friends. They have truly blessed my life and my kids life in so many ways! I am so sad that MOPS is over for the year!
But i know just because MOPS is over that really doesn't mean anything for our friendships!
So now my social calender is more like Blase and Graces Social Calender! And what a busy calender they keep! Shoot Grace was at her first event 4 days!! after she was born!
So thank you Susan for introducing me to them and thank you MOPS for making my "Friend to Me Ratio" perfect!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Mr. Independent

Blase dressed himself today! Picked out his clothes and put them on with almost no help at all! It was a sad and happy moment for me! My baby doesn't need me to pick out his clothes anymore! He was even more excited to because today he was going to school. He goes once a week from 9am-12:30 to St. Luke & St. Peter Preschool. So it did not bother me that he picked out his clothes. I knew that Ms. Kim would hear all about how he dressed himself and plus who really sees him on Mondays?!?
Ok now i have to back track a bit. On Saturday, i was giving Jason a hard time about how Blase needs a haircut and he should help me do it on Saturday night. I told him that Blase had school pictures on Monday (I was lying i just wanted to get his haircut) Jason did not believe me and i was bluffing cause i was not really sure when school pictures were i just knew that they were coming up.
Ok so now back to today....We arrive at school (on time!! which is amazing on its own) and i am faced with utter horror! I see the photographer unloading his car! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Now i know its just class pictures but had i known he would have been in a button up and a nice pair of shorts....But not my kid he is in basketball shorts, a tee shirt, and buzz lightyear socks! Ugh what a mess!!
I guess in the end it really doesn't matter because he was proud of himself as you can tell by his face in the picture! But i thought that i would share this story!

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