Monday, April 11, 2011

Poor sick toddler!

Well its been a couple of interesting days here in the Ullrich house! Blase (knock on wood) does not get sick often but when he does he goes big! This time last year we were in the ER with him with a HIGH fever. Well i guess April is the time for him to get sick. He once again is battling a fever and now hes also got a cough, runny nose, and an ear infection. Jason and I are not ones to really jump the gun but now with Grace i am a bit more of a trigger puller! LOL Blase started getting sick on Thursday, his voice started to sound a bit froggy. Friday morning when he woke up he had a nice fever. It went all the way up to 103 so we started the aspirin every 4 hours. On Saturday he woke up with a cough and runny nose. The fever was up and down so we decided to just wait and see. Yesterday, he was a little better but still not playing and just laying on the couch all day. I think that i can recite "Tangled" and "How to Train your Dragon" by heart! So this morning he once again woke up with the cough and fever so i called the dr. So we dropped Grace off at Bobo's (I didn't want her in the drs office with a bunch of sick kids) and off to the dr's Blase and I went. Dr. Neilson was full so we saw one of her new drs. (I wish Neilson had an opening cause she knows Blase and he knows her) They tested him for the flu which came back negative. But he does have some type of viral infection thus the runny nose, cough, and fever. But he also has an ear infection! So they gave him an antibiotic and told me lots of liquids and rest. I have to keep an eye on Grace if she gets a fever (100.4) we have to go to the hospital since she is under 2 months old! Luckily my parents are going to take Blase tomorrow night to Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Grace is doing good! Getting bigger and bigger by the day! She is one month old on the 13th!! OMG where did that month go?? She is such a good baby we are so lucky!
We got her a play gym the other day. She is not to sure about it yet but i am sure she will come to love it!

Also, I have started to plan Blase's 3rd birthday party!! WOW 3 years already?!! We are doing a pirate theme this year. Although he changes his mind every day on what type of party he wants... But i started buying the decorations so pirate it is!


  1. Awww poor Blase. He looks so out of it and over having a cold. I hope he gets better soon. At least the fever is good so that's good that the virus or whatever he has is going away. I would be nervous about having a little baby around a sick toddler too. You don't want her to end up getting anything! Hopefully the antibiotics help fight off that virus/infection.

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