Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, as you know from my last post i am "picture happy" and yesterday in the mail i received the most wonderful thing! My photos i had ordered from snapfish! Wahoo my 8x10's of Grace have finally arrived. And the frames that were sitting on the shelf so patently finally had something to go in them!
But now i am faced with a major problem! Going from a wall with 4 5x7 frames and 4 8x10 frames to a wall with....wait for it......wait for it......6 5x7 frames and 6 8x10 frames...I know its a bit overkill but i have good reasons! I have one 8x10 of Blase when he was born that never changes and one 5x7 of him that never changes...Well now i have a new little angel that gets a spot on the wall. But how do i take anything away from Blase?!? So, i decided to just add. Well lets just say that Jason was very shocked when he came home and saw the new wall! LOL I have to admit i am quite proud of myself! And i know that i will NOT be adding any more frames. Pictures will just be replaced.
Here's what it looks like:
So the top row will always stay the same except the picture in the middle of both of them it will be updated often.
Then in the second row from left to right. The first frame will always be Halloween Pictures..Then Blase with his age..then family..then we change that little frame of Blase into something maybe with both of them and then the frame on the end will be grace with her age..but right now it is blank till i get my 5x7 of grace...and then the bottom will change often and it will always be one of Blase and one of Grace alone.
I think it looks good!

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  1. I think it looks good! and it helps take up space on that wall too.


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