Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Moly Easter Bunny!

Ok so apparently i am slacking. I am totally going to blame it on Grace and my lack of a brain. For some reason i seem to just keep thinking i have plenty of time until Easter. So we have not gone to see the Easter bunny. I am usually so on top of these kinds of things but for some reason i am not this year. So, yesterday i see that my Sister in Law Jessica took Kalen to go see the Easter bunny. And i think so myself ok we need to go soon...maybe next week...Well stupid me i look at the calender and Easter is NEXT Sunday!! Duh Danielle you have to go this week!!!

Now just to fill you all in last year we went and saw the Easter bunny and this is what the picture looked like:

I am sitting behind the pillow....Yes i totally held him down and Yes i totally bought the picture! I know i am a horrible mommy! But hey when he is older i will torture him with this picture.

Ok so back to this year. Blase went and saw the movie Hop with my parents so this year he was super excited about the Easter Bunny. In fact if you ask him what the Easter Bunny does he tells you "He poops jellybeans!" So i though that this might help make this years picture so much better! So this morning when he wakes up i tell him that we are going to go to church then go see the Easter Bunny. Well all he hears is the Easter Bunny...So he informed everyone that was seated by us at church that he was going to see the Easter Bunny. (luckily we had some really nice people around us and they all thought he was so cute!)

So we get in the car and drive to the mall....And of course there is a HUGE line!! Well i have my phone so i bride him to stay in the semi-sized stroller while we wait. He did really good in line until we rounded the corner and could see the Prize!! THE EASTER BUNNY!!! Now he cannot contain himself! He is grinning from ear to ear (good sign) and getting all excited. So i ask him if Grace can be in the picture also. He had to think about it but agreed that she could be in it. Now we are one person away. I swear if he could he would have tackled that little girl just so he could go!

Now its our turn. He looks to me for the ok. And i finally give it! And he is off like a flash! Hello Easter Bunny!

Here is this years picture:

So as you can see no freak out this year! Just one happy little boy! (He looks a bit uncomfortable but still smiling) and amazingly Grace is wide eyed as well!

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  1. What a difference between the two photos. Not only is Blase smiling and sitting so well, but you also have another little one in the photo! It's a really cute picture of the two of them. Glad Blase had a better experience this year than last years! Sounds like he is happy for Easter to did kind of sneak up!


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